How to Find the Perfect Pair of Leggings? Borrow the Blue Jeans Trick

Photo: Girlfriend Collective
I'm crap at trivia. Seriously, never ask me to join your team. Most of the stats and random facts I know come from banter-packed opening segments of Live! with Regis and Kelly from the summers of 2006 to 2010. In one such episode, Kelly dropped a bit of knowledge about denim. Aside from little black dresses and strappy footwear, the most coveted item is a pair of really, really good-fitting jeans. Fast forward a decade or so, and my guess is that nowadays the perfect leggings would give denim a run for its money in a similar survey.

No, really. Data from the United States Census Bureau from 2017 indicated that imports of leggings outpaced imports of jeans. As it happens, the trick to finding a very good pair of spandex isn't all that different from finding a pair of raw-edge denim (which in case you haven't heard, you shouldn't be tossing into the wash).

According to Girlfriend Collective co-founder Quang Dinh, whose background is in the denim industry, you want your leggings to initially be a bit snug, so that you can live in them and they can adjust to your body. "Our compressive leggings have the highest compression possible, so they’re designed to fit like a great pair of jeans that feel tight at first, then mold to your body as you wear them," he says. "We recommend choosing a size that feels a little extra snug so your leggings will stay put and support you throughout your workout.” 

The news comes just in time for the coolest color yet. In honor of Earth Day, the brand is launching neon lime sets that look like they've just sprung from the most psychedelic garden. As with their other leggings and bras, the fabric is made with recycled water bottles and responsible dyeing practices. It'll be part of the spring garden collection, in case you want to pluck a pair for your festivities.

Grab those dayglo leggings, and get ready for some '80s workouts or a high energy dance party, baby!

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