The Easiest Way to Break in Leather Boots (Minus the Blisters)

Photo: Getty Images/Plume Creative
So you're honoring the onslaught of fall weather by treating yourself to a new pair of leather boots. The purchase has you daydreaming about the endless comfy-cute leggings and sweaters combos you'll rock them with all the season. But then reality hits: Before you can live out this hygge-fied fantasy, you'll have to break them in (ugh).

Rather than adopt a "no pain no gain" philosophy, try this method for pre-habing your shoes so you don't have to rehab your bleeding, blistered feet. All you'll need is a thick pair of cozy house socks and a blowdryer, according to The Independent

Once you've slipped your socks on, blast one of your new booties with the hairdryer for 60 seconds, or until the material is warm and soft to the touch. Put the shoe on its corresponding foot, and repeat these steps on the opposite side. When you're all geared up, stroll around your house until both shoes have completely cooled.

This trick works best when you repeat the whole process multiple times, so maybe take advantage of your time spent indoors to catch up on chores. In the end, you'll be left with boots that are truly made for walking. So you can bid blisters, "buh-bye."

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