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Your Mattress Is Filthy—Here’s How To Clean and Deodorize It in Less Than 30 Minutes

Priscilla Rodriguez

Photo: Stocksy / Alexey Kuzma
There’s nothing quite like slipping under the sheets after an exhaustingly long day. But did you know that you’re probably cuddling up with a ton of microscopic filth? It’s true—your mattress needs a serious refresh.

Even if your sheets are clean, you may notice that your mattress emits on a stale, unpleasant smell after a while (especially if you prefer to shower in the morning as opposed to just before bedtime). Body odor easily transfers to your clothing as well as your mattress—and it lingers. But unlike bed sheets and pillows, you can’t simply toss a mattress into the washing machine. So how exactly do you deodorize a mattress?

Carolina McCauley, an Australian-based influencer known for her home cleaning hacks, has a few tips in her latest Instagram Reel for how to clean a mattress and remove that "perma-smell."

How to clean and deodorize a mattress in 30 minutes

1. Pour ½ cup of baking soda into a small bowl.

2. Adds 20 drops of lavender essential oil to the baking soda.

3. Sprinkle the mixture directly onto the mattress.

4. Leave it there to sit for about 30 minutes.

5. Vacuum it up.

6. Spray your favorite air freshener onto the mattress.

7. Air dry it out with a fan.

8. Place a cover on your totally refreshed mattress.

Watch Carolina McCauley’s Instagram Reel to learn how to deep clean a mattress:

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