Found: the Healthiest Way to Cook Your Veggies in the Microwave

Photo: Getty Images/Dreet Production
Although your Pinterest board may be a virtual gallery of intricate, mouth-watering recipes, your weekday dinners might look more microwave-ready than Michelin. But the good news is twofold: One: It's a total myth that zapping your food makes it less healthy. Two: There's a simple way to make sure your on-the-fly side of broc retains the most nutrient-density possible.

According to Whitney Linsenmeyer, RD, PhD, a registered dietitian and spokeswoman for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, steaming your veggies is the way to go, CNN reports. Why? Because both speedy cooking times (for which the microwave is king) and steam cooking have been found to preserve the most nutrients possible. Meaning, prep methods like boiling could strip the vitamins and minerals in your Brussels more than simpler cooking options.

To hone your snappy side dish skills, just follow Linsenmeyer's simple instructions: "You can use a microwave steaming tray with water in the bottom, or simply add your vegetables and a small amount of water to a microwave-safe bowl and cover with microwave-safe plastic wrap, leaving one corner open to allow air to escape," she recommends.

If you notice that there's extra water remaining even after the microwave timer dings, she suggests saving the liquid as a flavorful "stock" that you can use as the foundation for future cozy soups. Just like that—dinner is served.

Now that you're putting your microwave to good use, make sure you're cleaning it on the reg as well. And if you're not already using the appliance to supercharge your dish rag, you totally should be. 

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