The Ultimate Guide to Detoxing Every Part of Your Life

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Sometimes, you're in a groove.

And other times, whether you're fresh off a wild weekend or your anxiety has reached an all-time high, you need to hit the reset button. (Know the feeling?)

Cleansing your body and mind can have major benefits—and fortunately, there are all sorts of detoxes out there.

Want to cut out every single inflammation-causing food for 10 days? Go phone-free? Give your poor, frayed hair a break from everything drying it out? Rounded up here are tips for whatever reset you need, so that the process feels restorative—not like a sacrifice.

Keep reading for 13 ways to detox your life.

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1. The Sugar Detox

Breaking up with sugar has some, er, sweet benefits (like living longer, NBD), but it isn't easy—at first. The key is knowing what exactly to turn to when those cravings hit. Spoiler alert: Avocados are involved.

2. The Dairy Detox

Dairy is one of the biggest causes of inflammation, but giving it up is easier said than done. Fortunately, there's a way to do it without giving up pizza and ice-cream.

3. The Protein Detox

Crazy but true fact: It's possible to get too much protein—and when that happens, your body turns it into fat and stores it. What a waste, right? This detox will help you figure out how much to eat for fuel, plus how to cut back without feeling deprived.

4. The 10-Day Anti-Inflammatory Detox

By now you probably know that inflammation is ground zero for a whole slew of health evils. This 10-day meal plan will reset your body, giving a boost in happiness and sleep while lowering stress levels. Yep, it's that powerful.

5. The Post-Party Weekend Detox

Hungover? There's a detox for that, and it encourages eating pancakes and zoodles. Bonus: The recipes are so easy, you can master them even while your head is throbbing.

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6. The Hair Detox

Blow-drying, flat-ironing, and curling your hair on the reg takes its toll. And no, that doesn't need hiding out under a baseball cap for weeks.

7. The Nails Detox

There's a health-backed reason why you might want to skip a manicure once in a while. Nail polish can block nutrients from getting under your nails—literally. Here's how to go natural while still feeling, er, polished.

8. The Skin Detox

Not brushing your face on the reg (yep, you read that right) can put you in serious need of a skin detox. Fortunately, shedding the microscopic toxins takes less than three minutes—and you'll definitely feel the difference.

Photo: Stocksy/Boris Jovanovic
Photo: Stocksy/Boris Jovanovic


9. The News Detox

Sometimes, a Trump-blocking app isn't enough—and there's a way to do a news detox while still staying informed. Doing so will significantly reduce your anxiety and make room for more positive thinking. And that's great news!

10. The One-Day Phone Detox

Putting down your phone (and other various modes of technology) has actually been proven to make you happier. Even just one day sans notifications and Instagram scrolling can make a huge difference.

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11. The Cleaning Detox

Plastic containers are storing more than just your meal-prepped lunches; parabens in the material can actually leach into your food. Going old-school and switching to glass containers can keep your food—and body—safe.



12. The Sweat Detox

When in doubt, sweat it out. It's one of the most effective ways to get rid of toxins in the body. Plus, you can blast Drake while you do it.

13. The Infrared Heat Detox

Sweating in a sauna has the same detoxing effects as hitting the gym—shedding nasty stored up in your body. That's right, you get to reap the same post-workout benefits by just hanging out.

Originally posted April 29, 2017, updated July 24, 2018

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