This Is the Hardcore Pilates Move Vanessa Hudgens Uses to Start Her Week Off Strong

Let’s get it Monday ???????? staying strong with @bodybynonna

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Sunday scaries asides, Mondays tend to be the toughest day for most people, especially when it comes to finding your fitspo. Among them is Vanessa Hudgens. But the celeb has a pretty genius (and surprising) way of hyping herself up to work out: Instead of easing into the week, she opts to start with a seriously intense sweat sesh.

"Let's get it Monday, staying strong with @bodybynonna," wrote the actress on her Instagram account last week, captioning a photo of herself and celeb trainer Nonna Gleyzer, who also trains Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady, BTW. Accompanying the photo was a video of Hudgens (in a super chic unitard, no less) slaying her Pilates reformer routine.

Although she makes it look easy, after getting a low down on the move from Gleyzer herself, I can assure you it's not. According to her, Hudgens is doing a Russian Split, which pulls double duty as both a lower-body and core workout. “I like do this exercise with my clients—Vanessa, in particular—because it does increase flexibility in your hamstrings," explains the instructor. "We live such inactive lifestyles, and when you sit or even walk, the hamstrings have a tendency to get really tight."

Ready to try it yourself next time you're near a reformer? "Start in a lunge position, where you have one foot extending on top of the bar and another foot pushing [against] the shoulder rest," Gleyzer says. "Push the carriage out to a full split as much as you can. As you bend your knee, bring the carriage all the way in." Repeat three to five times on each side.

The key to mastering the move like Hudgens is keeping your abs engaged—the entire time. “Because you have to balance on the reformer, it forces you to use your lower abdominals a lot. By working and training your lower abdominals, you're creating a lot of stability in your pelvic floor which is really good for the hips." After watching the above clip, it has to be asked: Is there a routine (fitness or otherwise) the High School Musical star can't nail?

Aside from being a Pilates devotee, Hudgens also follows the ketogenic diet. Here's everything you need to know about the celeb-approved eating plan—including how to work out while on it

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