The Ridiculously Easy Trick to Organizing Your Leggings Drawer

Photo: Stocksy/Aleksandra Kovac
Real talk: The leggings drawer is the junk drawer of activewear. (I bet even Marie Kondo's is a tangled mess.)

Because no matter how nicely, neatly organized you make it post-laundry, the whole thing gets upended the moment you start digging around looking for your favorite shiny tights.

Fortunately, organizing gurus (and sisters!) Katie and Kelly McMenamin, who just released Organize Your Wayhave figured out a foolproof solution.

Photo: Sterling

It's called the bifold (or fan folding), and it might finally turn that jumble of spandex into something more manageable.


The process is simple: Grab a pair of leggings, fold them in half lengthwise (so that the legs are now on top of each other), and then roll them up. Instead of stacking them in your drawer, you can then arrange them in a line (check out the illustration below for a visual)—which means that you'll be able to tell whether you're grabbing your favorite black run tights or your favorite black run tights with mesh cut-outs. And even better: Once you pull them out, you're not left with a leaning tower of leggings threatening to topple at any moment.

Hey, maybe you'll make it to that fitness class on time now.

While you're reorganizing your activewear, here are five things you should probably get rid of. You'll want to make room for these super-buzzy pieces, anyway.

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