Maximize Your Sleep With These Bed Upgrades

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When it comes to wellness, technology gets a bad rap, but in many ways, it can actually up your game. Want to make your hair softer and shinier? Try a super-powered shower head. Looking to intensify your workouts? Check out these high-tech sneakers. Need to learn how to meditate? There's an app for that! Scientific advances are pushing your wellness game forward. And nowhere is that more promising than in your bedroom, because sleep is one pillar of wellbeing that has undeniable benefits.

Beyond the screens, which science says you're supposed to keep far, far away, these advances in bedding are actually good for your sleeping habits. Imagine a world where you never have to search for a cool spot on your sheets, or where your sheets clean themselves. Sound too good to be true? Welcome to bedding of the future.

Read on to meet the newest advances in bedding technology, which all happen to be straight-up dreamy. 

A cooling comforter

The Buffy comforter is made from the wood pulp of eucalyptus trees, which feels like super soft cotton. It has cooling effects and some of the same skin benefits as eucalyptus oil—plus, it smells amazing. It’s also formulated with volcanic minerals, which make the comforter super breathable so you’re not sweating underneath it all night long (PS: It's pretty enough you don't even need a duvet cover). Fair warning, though: It makes it really, really hard to get up for a 7 a.m. workout class.

Sheets that never get hot

There is nothing worse than waking up in the middle of the night because you’re too hot and then spending the next 45 minutes tossing and turning in an attempt to find a cool spot on your sheets. With Bedgear’s cooling sheets, kiss that scenario buh-bye. These sheets are made with the same technology that firefighters use to stay cool, which helps regulate your body temp by getting rid of excess heat building up between you and the layer of fabric. They kind of feel like workout clothes, making them extra-comfortable to snuggle up under. Added bonus? Your AC bill won’t be *quite* as scary this summer.

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Self-cleaning pillowcases

Even if you’re diligent about washing your sheets (FYI: You should be doing it every two weeks), over time your pillowcase will inevitably start to pick up some of the oils and bacteria from your face. Enter Silvon’s self-cleaning pillows, which are formulated with silver silk fibers that naturally eliminate bacteria. Bacteria carries a negative charge, so the silver’s positive charge attracts the little bugs and breaks down their cell membranes before they can multiply—and wreck your skin. Your glowing complexion: 1; bacteria: 0.

A temperature controlled comforter

Fights over the overnight AC with your significant other will be a thing of the past. Crane and Canopy's dual-zone comforter has two different weight levels—"lightweight" for those who like less of a cover and "all year" for those who prefer something more snuggly—so that you can cuddle up under something warm and your bed mate can stay cool with less padding. It's made with 400 thread-count cotton, too, so your skin will be hugged by an ultra-cozy material. Guess it just got a whole lot easier to avoid going to bed mad at one another.

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