Podiatrists Recommend a Pedicure Every 2 Months—With This At-Home Kit, I’ll Never Step Foot in the Salon Again

My feet are gnarly. I know this, because my mom, boyfriend, and old roommates tell me so on a regular basis. My nails grow fast and in weird directions (hello, ingrowns) before breaking off into jagged edges, and my calluses are so intense that I will spare you a description of what they actually look like. I find all feet pretty gross, but believe me when I tell you that mine are a whole other level.

Because of this, bi-weekly pedicures have become one of those beauty treatments that I absolutely cannot skip. Not only do they keep the comments from my loved ones at bay (you're welcome, guys), but they're actually legitimately important for the health of my feet.

"I usually suggest medical pedicures every 8-12 weeks depending on nail growth," says David L Rossman, DPM, and co-founder of Park Avenue Podiatry Associates. "They are important to avoid toenail injury while participating in physical activity, walking in shoe gear, and to help avoid and prevent infections and diseases." He adds that regular pedis are especially helpful for anyone who is prone to ingrown toenails, to which I say "it me."

But while getting my toes professionally rubbed and polished on the reg is an undeniable luxury, it is also an expensive habit that I frankly cannot afford to keep up with. So for the latest episode of Zoë Tries It All, I learned how to do the entire process at home.

My secret weapon? The Olive and June Pedi System ($70-$104), which comes equipped with everything you need to recreate a spa-grade pedicure on your own. On the foot health front, the kit includes an exfoliating foot file, softening cuticle remover solution, and a hydrating foot balm. To keep your nails looking their best, it's got clippers, a file, a buffer, and one polish of your choice (you can upgrade to a six-pack of polish for $34 extra dollars)—plus nail polish remover and a brush so you can clean up any mistakes.

The piéce de resistance, though, is the brand's "Pink Posey" footstool, which props your feet up at a perfect angle for performing your pedicure. It makes it so easy to reach your toes to perform every step of the pedicure, including applying polish on that tough-to-wrangle left pinkie.

To see it in action—and learn exactly how to give yourself a pedicure at home, even without a fancy tool—press play on the video above. Your feet (and, if you're anything like me, your friends and family) will thank you for it.

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