’I’m a Sephora Makeup Artist, and These Easy Tricks Keep My Makeup in Place for 12+ Hours in 90-Degree Heat’

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The shift into late summer signals that it’s time to switch up your makeup routine, and one of the most notable challenges during these transitional months when temperatures are still (somehow) sticky-hot is getting makeup to stay in place throughout the day.

“Sometimes it’s hot and humid, other days can be blustery,” says Helen Dagdag, a national artist with Sephora Collection. “Popping on an extra layer can accidentally swipe away your makeup, and humidity can melt it away as well.”

In order to ensure that your makeup lasts all day—whether it's 65 degrees or 95—Dagdag says it’s best to “prep for all elements” so your look stays flawless for rain, shine, or anything in between.

1. Prep your skin

A solid makeup routine starts with skin care, because you want to make sure your complexion is healthy, hydrated, and ready to hold product before you apply.

“Skin prep is key to making sure your skin doesn’t absorb the makeup,” says Dagdag. Her trick? Look for products that “help your makeup not only stay on, and also maintain smooth skin texture throughout the day.”

If your skin is normal or dry, she suggests using a lightweight moisturizer that doubles as a hydrating primer. All you have to do is cleanse your face, slather on your active treatments, and then finish off with a layer of moisturizer (which is basically skin-care 101). Then, give the moisturizer a minute or two to soak in, and your skin will be prepped and ready for makeup.

If you have oily skin, Dagdag recommends applying your standard lightweight, oil-free moisturizer, then using a long-lasting primer as the first step in your makeup routine. These products typically have a mattifying effect, which will reduce the look of oiliness and keep makeup from sliding. If you have combination skin, you can use one of these primers only on the oily spots (think: your T-zone) to limit excess shine underneath your foundation.

2. Apply, set, repeat

According to Dagdag, the way you apply your makeup is far more critical to its staying power than the actual products you’re using.

“Light layers are key to building up a cream and/or liquid,” she says, adding that the “less is more” approach will assure that your makeup doesn’t cake after a few hours. Start with a thin layer of foundation, which you can apply using a BeautyBlender (for light coverage) or your fingers (for medium coverage), then layer on as needed.

Once you’ve reached your desired coverage, Dagdag recommends topping off your look with a setting powder to keep the product in place.

If you have other liquid products in your routine, like a cream blush, Dagdag suggests looking for a “matching powder blush” to apply on top of the cream to ensure longevity.

Another trick she has up her sleeve? “I mix powder eyeshadow into the Sephora Collection Boost and Lock Eyeshadow Primer to create a sheer, long-lasting, cream shadow base, and top it off with your shadow as usual,” she says.

3. Lock it in place

To ensure your look stays put for the long haul, Dagdag's must-have product is a setting spray. These types of formulas lock makeup in place so that they won't budge on even the sweatiest afternoons. "Just use it as directed and spritz it on as your final step before walking out the door, or use it to refresh your makeup midday," she says.

The one she uses in her daily routine comes from Sephora Collection. “In my experience, it makes everything last at least 16 hours—it’s a wonder spray," she says.

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