This 3-Second, Bouquet-Inspired Hack Keeps Your Veggies Fresh Longer in the Fridge

Photo: Stocksy/Lydia Cazorla
On a scale from 1 to the absolute worst, having veggies rot before you get the chance to enjoy them is pretty high up there. But if you constantly feel guilty about the amount of produce you toss out, there's a quick hack that'll make your go-tos last way longer in your fridge—and ensure you always have a healthy snack option on hand whenever you get hungry.

Instead of just putting your healthy faves, like carrots and celery, into the produce drawer and leaving their fate up to chance, keeping them nice and crisp for quite a while is as easy as cutting them into sticks and standing them upright in a Mason jar. After partially filling the container with fresh water and putting it on the top shelf of your fridge, you'll always have access to a perfectly crunchy treat whenever your heart desires—all because that added moisture keeps the veggies from drying out, says Amy Gorin, MS, RDN, and owner of New York City-based Amy Gorin Nutrition.

Keeping your veggies nice and crisp is as easy as cutting them into sticks and standing them upright in a Mason jar.

When it comes to antioxidant-packed carrots, Gorin recommends trimming the green tops, which draw out moisture. And no matter which sliced veggies you're using this water hack on—be it bell-pepper slices or stalks of asparagus—don't scrub 'em before assembling your snack supply: "Wait until right before you’re going to eat the veggie to wash it," she explains. "The dampness could encourage bacteria to grow, so if you’re going to have the veggies sitting in water, make sure to change that water at least daily."

And it's not just the vertical, sliceable veggies this hack works for: "You can also use this method for Brussels sprouts," Gorin says. "Keep the veggies on the stem, and store the stem end in water. Then break off the sprouts as you need them." Basically, you'll never have to prematurely toss your expensive organic vegetables in the trash ever again.

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