Use This Zara Hack to Find Clothes That Only Look Expensive

Photo: Zara
It's easy to lose hours of your life scrolling through Zara's online offerings. What's hard is being able to tell what's actually going to look good once you get it home. (Kinda like Tinder, no?)

Worst case scenario: Something that looked like a million bucks online actually looks like the price you paid for it IRL. But, how good does it feel when someone asks you whether your jacket is designer, when you know you spent less than the cost of a boutique fitness class?

Items made from natural materials tend to be the ones that elicit unsolicited compliments. Think: 100-percent cotton denim, linen, and leather goods. They're a higher quality than their synthetic counterparts. They're also more durable—something you can't say about most fast-fashion finds.

Zara regularly stocks clothing in this category. (Even if it keeps it on the DL.) And it does so for a lot less than its up-market competitors. The key to finding them is to skip the nav and head straight for the search field when you open the site in your browser.

Once there, type in "100 percent linen." Same goes for denim or leather. A recent search returned a red, snakeskin embossed leather belt for $40. Another, a classic black denim mini ($36) you could pair with cozy sweaters now and still pull out next spring. It's a steal, which is precisely the point. If a bargain feels too good to be true, double check its composition and care tab. (Even good systems have glitches.) Just don't spend too much time pinching yourself—someone with a quicker click finger could get there first.

This Zara hack is a great way to find iterations of fall's biggest fashion trends that'll last more than a season. You can save them for when they come back in style. Looking at you, cowboy boots.  

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