Forget Flowers—Here’s How to Make a High-Vibe Crystal Crown

Time to tap into your metaphysical Martha Stewart.
Sure, flower crowns may look lovely, but can they connect you to a higher state of consciousness (minus any mind-altering substances, that is)? Sorry to burst your Bonnaroo bubble, but in my experience the answer’s always been no—which could be why crystal crowns are having a moment.

And it's about way more than just being supremely photogenic; what makes the super-striking accessory so powerful, says Energy Muse jewelry co-founder Heather Askinosie, is that it rests near your third eye and crown chakra, the energetic centers that are said to govern intuition and enlightenment. (Remember, there's a growing belief that crystals can shift your entire energetic state.) “This increases your connection to a higher power; to source," says the holistic healer and co-author of the forthcoming book Crystal Muse: Everyday Rituals to Tune In to the Real You ($20). "These tools have been around for a very long time, and it’s because they’re able to open us up to this unseen world of energy that’s extremely powerful”

While you can score dreamy crowns from designers like Judy&Madeleine, Crowns & Wreaths, and GemsAndBones, going the DIY route is actually easier than you’d think—and no shortage of moments warrant a woo-woo headpiece. “There are so many occasions to wear a crystal crown: a birthday party, a wedding, a new moon circle, while meditating,” says Askinosie. “Really, any instance where you want to feel more tapped in.”

Best of all? You never have to worry about them wilting.

Here's your step-by-step guide to making your own crystal crown.

Photo: Instagram/@judyandmadeleine

Step 1: Choose your stones

The most important part, says Askinosie, is picking the right crystals for your crown. She’s a particularly big fan of selenite, since it’s believed to be aligned with the moon’s energy, but there are lots of others that vibe well with your upper chakras.

“Clear quartz, moonstone, labradorite, lepidolite, aura crystals, fluorite, or amethyst are the most powerful and beneficial,” she says. “Any stones that carry the intention of opening you up to the cosmos and that higher-frequency energy.”

Oh, and you’ll want to get crystal points with holes pre-drilled in them—look for ones designed to be used as necklace pendants. “You can also gather beads and such that you’d like to add,” says Askinosie.

Photo: Instagram/@gemsandbonesjewelry

Step 2: Construct the crown

Next, it’s time to play metaphysical Martha Stewart. Per Askinosie, the simplest way to create a crystal crown at home is to use a metal headband as the base. She recommends using wire—finding a gauge that can fit through the holes of the crystals. String your crystal points and beads onto the wire in the pattern you want for your crown. (You can also wire-wrap crystals without holes—it just takes a little bit more time and patience.)

Then, take that wire and begin wrapping it around your metal headband so that the crystals and beads point upwards on the headband. You may need to get another piece of wire to secure the crystals in place if needed. Feel free to embellish as much or as little as you want.

Photo: Instagram/@crownsandwreaths

Step 3: Charge it up

Each time you wear your crown, Askinosie recommends taking a few steps to prep. “As with any crystal, you want to cleanse the crown—you can use sage or place it out in the sun—give it a job, set your intention, and put your energy into it [by holding it for a bit],” she says.

And you should give it the same love after taking it off at night. “If you’re wearing your crown as a sacred ritual object, wrap it in 100 percent silk so it’s not getting contaminated by other energies,” Askinosie says. “As in anything, the more you hold something in respect and sacredness, the more it'll hold that space for you.” Consider your DIY project a crowning achievement.

It's only a matter of time before celebs start wearing crystal crowns—Miranda Kerr already sleeps with stones under her pillow, and Bella Hadid always keeps these gems close at hand

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