If You Have Thin Hair, This 10-Second Trick Will Make Your Ponytail Look Twice as Thick

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After you spend enough time down hair hack rabbit holes, you realize that there are about a thousand different ways to create an "effortless" ponytail.  There are tons of tricks out there to help make the simple style look refined and chic, and celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton just shared one that goes above and beyond to help make thin hair look instantly thicker. Bonus: it's just as simple as it is gorgeous.
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"What this is going to do is basically make you look like you've got double the amount of hair that you've got," says Appleton in the video. "This is great for anyone with fine hair and it just makes your ponytail look really full and glam."

All you need to complete this look is two hair ties. Appleton uses seamless ones in a similar color to the model's hair to help camouflage the elastics.

First, Appleton splits a model's hair into two sections (top and bottom) and places the top half in a high ponytail like you would for a half-up-half-down style. Next, he splits the bottom into two sections (left and right) and wraps each section up and around either side of the ponytail. The two sections meet on top, and Appleton secures them in place with another hair tie right over the first pony. This creates a ton of volume and makes the ponytail look much thicker and layered.

Appleton showcased this method on a person with straight, long hair. For this trick to be worth it, your hair has to be long enough that the second ponytail has enough weight to drape down and not just stick up over the original ponytail. If you've got strands that go past your shoulders, this trick could work wonders. However, if you've got thicker curly or coily hair, note that you likely can create the volume you want by just fluffing up your regular ponytail without the extra steps. Either way, 10 seconds is all you need to add some serious oomph to an otherwise simple style.

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