The “Burrito Method” Is the Easiest Way to Change Your Duvet Cover (Because, Ugh)

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Am I the only one who feels like reassembling my bed after running my sheets, duvet cover, and pillowcases through the wash might as well count as a HIIT workout? By the end, I'm a) sweaty, b) annoyed, and c) determined to consult the internet for hacks that will make the whole process easier. And I'm proud to report that I've found one trick that could be game-changer (or rather, a bed-changer) the next time you're ready to switch out your duvet. I present to you, the burrito method.

Yuka Yoneda, an editor from Inhabitatshared a video on YouTube that presents an alternative to the painstaking task of stuffing the comforter back where it belongs (without literally crawling inside your duvet, as one Well+Good editor—NOT ME—claims to do). Her instructions happen to be in real-time, so you can clearly witness that, thanks to the burrito method, she can finish the whole job in just over two minutes. Translation: You can get back to do literally anything else as soon as possible.

Scroll down to learn how to make your bed in a jiff by using the burrito method.

Step 1: Turn your duvet cover inside out and lay it on top of your bed so that the opening is at the foot of your bed.

Step 2: Lay your comforter on top of your duvet cover, making sure that the corners are all matched up and aligned.

Step 3: Beginning at the head of your bed, roll your comforter and duvet cover up like a burrito until you reach the foot of the bed.

Step 4: Reach into the opening of your duvet cover and flip it over one end of your burrito, exposing the right-side-out side of your duvet cover. Do the same for the other side.

Step 5: Flip over the middle of the duvet cover as well.

Step 6: Unroll your burrito back up to the top of your bed, and smooth out any wrinkles. Ta da!

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