How to Pack the Perfect Healthy Picnic (for You and Your Furry BFF)

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Picnic season is upon us, which means giddily dusting off your chic basket, blankets, and kombucha koozies and hitting the park with your pup (picnics are more fun with a buddy, after all).

And while PB&J sandwiches and carrot sticks were the go-to for family picnics circa second grade, now that you're a wellness maven you're going to want to nosh on something a little more elevated.

That's why we pulled together a menu of the best packable, snackable ingredients to create an all-organic spread that's as nutritious as it is Instagram-ready.

Plus, the same type of healthy, organic ingredients are also included in Castor & Pollux ORGANIX®—America's #1 organic pet food brand—so you can treat your pup to a picnic lunch that's as high-quality and delicious as yours. Just don't forget to bring a doggie bag.

Scroll down to see the ideal picnic setup (cute pup included)—and tap the hotspots for more info on the ingredients.

In partnership with Castor & Pollux

Photos: Tim Gibson for Well+Good

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