4 Fiery Tips for How To Turn On a Leo—Plus, the Turnoffs To Avoid

While we all have unique preferences in terms of how we're most effectively aroused, the star-sanctioned traits of the zodiac signs may influence that sexual language, too. Those born under the astrological sign of Leo, which spans July 22 to August 22, tend to have a deep-rooted love for verbal admiration and adoration. So when it comes to how to turn on a Leo, the best approaches cater to this appreciation for attention, as well as the lion's vibrant energy and inherent charisma.

With that in mind, astrologer and sexologist Stefanie Iris Weiss says one stellar way to arouse a Leo is with foreplay—and not just the physical kind in the immediate lead-up to sex. “Lavishing advance praise on a Leo—starting with early-morning texts about how attractive they are to you, for example—is always a win,” says Weiss. Because Leos tend to rank high on the drama scale, they’re sure to revel in the additional attention and forethought.

“Lavishing advance praise on a Leo—starting with early morning texts about how attractive they are to you, for example—is always a win.” —sexologist and astrologer Stefanie Iris Weiss

Because they’re ruled by the sun, Leos have a certain magnetism that draws other people toward them, and they thrive with emotional connection. As such, tech-driven sex toys aren’t necessarily up their alley, says Weiss. “It’s not that they’ll eschew vibrators altogether, but human-to-human connection is where sexual arousal is at for them, and anything remotely robotic will leave them cold,” she says. In that same vein, sex that feels overly serious or routine-based can turn a Leo off or disconnect them from their sensuality and physicality.

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By contrast, to arouse a Leo—and keep them feeling all the things throughout your sexual experience—consider the following cosmically aligned tips from Weiss.

4 surefire ways to turn on a Leo, according to an astrologer:

1. Let them lead.

If all parties involved are comfortable with and interested in exploring BDSM, a Leo could really thrive as the dominant partner, says Weiss. And even within the space of non-kink-based arousal and sex, a Leo is likely to enjoy taking control and initiative in bed.

2. Consider practicing role-play.

Leos tend to be creative, performative people, so encouraging them to live out their inner thespian during sex could be just as arousing for them as it is for you, the engaged spectator. Specifically, any role that allows a Leo to be in the position of being sought or desired is bound to keep their sexual energy alive. One sexy fantasy to consider: You pretend to be an artist, and they strip down in front of you for a nude portrait.

3. Keep your sexual interaction heart-centered.

The sign of Leo rules over the heart, says Weiss, so a Leo will be able to intuitively sense if your heart isn’t fully engaged in any sexual encounter. Use direct eye contact and affirmative language during sex to reassure your partner that you’re present, aroused, and 100 percent into them.

If your Leo partner is also someone with whom you’re in a long-term relationship, the next few months could be particularly auspicious for your partnership, says Weiss. “Jupiter is now back in Aquarius, directly opposite the sign of Leo, lighting up the relationship house for Leos born later into August, in particular,” she says.

4. Splurge on a special gift for them.

“Both Venus and Mars—the planets of love and passion, respectively—are currently in Virgo, so Leos may be focused on material goods and possession at the moment,” says Weiss. To that end, receiving something they’ve been coveting could prompt a Leo to feel some type of way right about now.

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