We Found the Super-Easy Way to Make Your Hair Mask *so* Much More Effective

Photo: Stocksy/Bisual Studio
You know those days where you run your fingers through your hair only to think it's not hair but... straw? We've all been there—and those dry, damaged hair days are popping up even more now that the temperatures are dipping. Hence why I, for one, have been hitting up my trusty supply of hair masks for some TLC. Letting a nourishing mask melt into your strands always seems to do the trick, taking your hair from parched and frazzled to soft, bouncy, and full of life in a matter of minutes. But what if I told you that adding another quickie step into your hair masking routine could give you even better results?

Using a hair mask in general is already doing your hair good, of course. But a simple way to one-up its effectiveness is by covering your hair with a hot towel while doing so. That's because the heat and steam from the towel opens the cuticles of your hair, which then allows all the hair-boosting ingredients in your treatment to absorb better. "It also helps the mask make more direct contact with your scalp, making it more effective overall," says celebrity hairstylist Kendall Dorsey, which means the mask-and-towel hack not only betters your hair's health, but also makes sure any new growth is being taken care of from the very start of its journey.

For extra-deep hydration, Dorsey says it's best to leave your mask on for a total of 15 to 20 minutes. During this time, your towel will get cold. Once it does, simply re-soak it in hot water and cover your hair once again until the time is up (repeat this as needed). What you'll wind up with is a process that's incredibly soothing (hello, self-care at its finest!) and nourishing, leaving you with a next-level good hair day—guaranteed.

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