My Holiday Makeup Inspo Is Quite Simply: Disco-Ball-Level Shine From Head-to-Toe

Photo: Getty/Plume Creative
I'll use any possible excuse to put together a look, but in spite of ample opportunities to do so, the holiday season overwhelms me. It's two months of non-stop holiday parties, familial obligations, and social outings and I am not creative enough (nor do I have the mental capacity) to create a distinctive ensemble for each occasion. So, this season I'm using one glowing and shimmering product to do all the heavy lifting on my face and body.

So that I can make the most of my pre-party time rewatching The Office for the nine-thousandth time, I decided I needed a strategy. When I thought about the common thread all of my favorite (and easiest to replicate) makeup looks have in common, I realized it was glitter and glow. I smother my face in Fenty Soft Matte Longwear Foundation ($34) and then I just go to town with a highlighting or glitter product of choice. Recently I've been into the Milk Makeup Holographic Highlighting Powder ($25) and all of the Rituel De Fille Rare Light Crème Luminizers ($29).

After covering my face I use my fingers to apply the stuff on the highlights of my cheekbones, all over my eyelids, dot it on my nose, the cupids bow of my mouth, and if I'm wearing something that reveals my collar bones, I slather it on there as well. It's great for a few reasons: I don't have to spend hours agonizing about what to do with my face, it's so easy to do, and a monochromatic look (whether makeup or fashion) always gives the impression that you've got your shit together, making it like a leisure suit for your face.

You want to pick a product that's glittery enough that it looks like you're trying to get into the holiday spirit and not just a highlighting maven, so ahead and look for bigger glitter particles than you would on the day-to-day. Covering my face in "subtle" glitter makes me feel like Liberace if he had lived long enough to see Alessandro Michele's glitzy vision for Gucci. And pondering on that is truly holiday treat for all.

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