The $5, 5-Star Eyebrow Razors That Are the Next Best Thing to Waxing RN

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For many of us, our last brow wax was B.C. (before coronavirus). Though many states are beginning the process of opening up, your next appointment may still be very far into the future—as waxing is one of the least social-distance friendly activities out there. But luckily, there's a $5 tool you can use at home to save you from that caterpillar chilling on your forehead. Robin Evans, a New York-based brow expert, says that brow razors are one of the best tools to keep in your vanity.

"I love eyebrow razors! They’re perfect for those superfine hairs above the brow and for some into your hairline," she says. "Along with tweezers and scissors, they make a great addition to at-home care to get your best brows."

And don't worry, shaving your brows isn't as scary as it sounds. To keep you from accidentally removing half a brow, Evans says these razors are best used in tandem with tweezers. "I would use [the razor] a little bit more as a tool to clean up fine, soft, pesky hairs rather than for reshaping," she says.

Tinkle Eyebrow Razors Two Pack, $5

Tinkle Eyebrow Razor Two Pack, how to use an eyebrow razor

Though it may vary depending on how fast your hair grows, Evans says you can do your brows every two weeks. "Because it’s not a tool that you’re using daily, you can keep using [the same one] for quite a while. You can treat it similar to your personal razor and toss it when you feel like it’s getting a little bit more dull and not working as effectively," she says.

She says that you don't need any sort of shaving medium like shaving cream, but you can use a bit of face oil if you like.

"I personally use my tool when my skin is dry," she says, adding that most aestheticians and brow experts would also use it this way. "But if you are new at it, start with a light oil so you get a feel for the razor. Once you’re comfortable, definitely use it while your skin is dry."

Follow Evans' step-by-step instructions for using an eyebrow razor at home.

How to use an eyebrow razor, according to a brow expert

1. Trim brows conservatively

Use a pair of brow scissors ($17) to carefully snip away any super-long hairs.

2. Tweeze coarse hairs under and between your brows

Evans says that tweezing these hairs gives you more control than trying to remove them with a razor.

3. Shave above your brows

"Shave above your brows down to the upper line of your brow, but don’t try to reshape too much," she says.

4. Focus on the tail

"Shave outside the end of your brow toward your temple and underneath the tail," she says.

5. Clean under the brows

"Shave any little fine hairs directly under the brow after you’ve tweezed the coarse hairs," she says.

6. Tweeze again

"Go back in with a tweezer and reshape and remove any additional hairs you want for the style you’re trying to achieve," she says.

7. Shave between your brows

"Very carefully—very, very carefully—use your [eyebrow razor] to remove fine hairs between your brows," she says. "You should not keep the brow tool horizontal, but at an angle so that you don’t make the [space between the] brows too wide."

With a little time and attention, your brows will be in good shape… literally.

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