I’m a New Mom and I Have No Time—This Investment Hairstyling Tool Is My Secret To Looking Put Together in 10 Minutes

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A few months ago, I entered motherhood—and with it, a world of sweet snuggles, so much gratitude... and absolutely zero time for myself. In other words, since welcoming my little one, I’ve resigned to the fact that I’m not exactly in my “put-together” era.

Whether you’re a mom yourself or just an overzealous scheduler, chances are you’ve felt the no-time tension before. For me, it looks like this: I’m more desperate than ever to start meditating, or to linger in the shower for an extra minute, or to replace my spit-up-splattered hoodie with a real outfit—and yet investing in myself feels like the last thing I should be spending time on right now.

But wait—my tangled topknot and stained sweatpants keep saying—you don’t need to carve out hours to give yourself some love. It takes less than 10 minutes to trade spread-too-thin for an I-got-dressed-today mood boost.

I admit, I'm usually one to ignore this kind of inner nagging. But after months of feeling disheveled, I finally decided to listen to it—and the dozens of recommendations I’ve gotten from friends and fellow moms—and invest in the internet-beloved Dyson Airwrap. TL;DR: I’ve powered it up a handful of times now, and I must confess that the hype is very, very real.

Snag it now—yes, just in time for Mother’s Day—and let the inner satisfaction of a seriously good hair day power you through your to-dos. That feeling's worth every penny.

Dyson Airwrap Multi-Styler Complete Long Hair Tool — $600.00


  • Super time-efficient (you can curl while you dry) and effective
  • User-friendly attachments and instructions are great for hairstyling newbies
  • Padded storage case keeps all pieces organized


  • A hefty investment when not on sale
  • Storage case is bulky for transport or travel

Before you protest about bringing one more gadget into your home—or about splurging on anything for yourself—hear me out. I was totally skeptical until I unboxed this super-efficient, made-for-newbies thing of beauty and devoted a few precious minutes to my neglected mane. Dried and styled hair has me feeling put together and finally like myself again, both physically and emotionally. It really is the little things these days.

Now might be a nice time to mention that I am not the blow-drying kind, and any mention of a wand or a round brush makes me quake. The best thing about the Dyson Airwrap, IMO, is its multi-tasking ability to dry and style my hair, at the same time, in record speed. The second best thing is that it’s designed for the most novice hairdo-ers. Translation: There’s no fear of cutting a round brush out of my hair (yes, I’ve done it) or setting my strands on fire (done this, too), thanks to the tool's easy-to-manage attachments.

After my shower, I air dry my hair while I prep food for my daughter (she’s currently in her broccoli-for-breakfast phase) and relish her morning giggles. Once she’s eaten, I pull out my *very organized* Dyson storage case and plug in the super-sleek blow dryer.

With a flat brush attachment, it takes less than five minutes—and zero skill—to get my unruly curls dry enough for wanding. The set comes with two barrel sizes, for varying wave width, which are easy to interchange with a simple twist-and-lock. I swap out the dryer for one of the wands and watch as it magically attracts and self-wraps sections of my hair. (Okay, it’s not supernatural—it’s Dyson’s Coanda airflow technology.) With salon-worthy waves and a little extra bounce, I unplug and welcome an edifying coo from my daughter... she gets it.

Over-scheduled skeptics, trust me: The Airwrap is worth your investment—and offering yourself 10 minutes can seriously shift the way you take on even the most whirlwind days. Grab it now and give yourself the gift of a little more put-together-ness—in both body and in mind—and a lot more good-hair-day feels.

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