6 Rolls of Contact Paper To Easily Refresh Any Room in Your Home

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Growing up, my mom would redecorate our house constantly. (I remember blearily running into newly-angled couches and poorly-placed coffee tables on many mornings.) Despite all the stubbed toes and skinned knees I've suffered at the hands of decor metamorphoses, I have to admit that there's something to be said about making your home a constant project. And for those who love to zhuzh on the regular, learning how to use contact paper is a key skill.

Contact paper is essentially decorative paper that comes in giant rolls that you can cut down to a size that fits a wall, the floor, your laptop, desk, treadmill, cabinets—you name it. The self-adhesive on the back means the paper will stick to almost any surface (although you should definitely check out the specifics on whatever products you use) then remove with the help of the heat from a hairdryer when you get sick of it. In other words: Your contact paper can help you fake a marble desk or add faux-French tile to your kitchen in hours. Kind of a game-changer, right?

How to use contact paper in every room of the house

1. LaCheery Black Marble Contact Paper, $15

Photo: Amazon

The red and pink accents in this black marble add a little spice to your countertops without being too showy. You could also try this pattern on your bathroom walls or your desk.

Shop now: LaCheery Black Marble Contact Paper 15.8''x160, $15

2. Green Leaves Shelf Liners, $9

how to use contact paper
Photo: Amazon

These days, we all want to bring the spirit of the outdoors insideand this pretty paper makes quick work of that mission. It works great as an accent on drawers, in the back of your beauty cabinet, or on the walls of your indoor porch or sunroom. (Bonus for buying some real plants, too.)

Shop now:  Green Leaves Shelf Liners 17.7”×78.7, $9

3. Rustic Wood Wallpaper Wood Plank, $12

Photo: Amazon

This semi-bleached hardwood contact paper offers even a city apartment a beachy vibe that's just begging you to lean a surfboard against the wall.

Shop now: Rustic Wood Wallpaper Wood Plank 16.4"x1.47, $12

4. Mi Alma Peel and Stick Tile Backsplash (Set of 24), $48

how to use contact paper
Photo: Amazon

The bright hues of this paper could liven up any room (or any day, for that matter). If you don't have stairs, it would also work on your kitchen walls or on the ceiling of a bathroom.

Shop now: Mi Alma Peel and Stick Tile Backsplash 7''x7 (Set of 24), $48

5. Kononia Brick Wallpaper, $7

how to use contact paper
Photo: Amazon

There's no denying it: Exposed brick is a look—and one that many yearn for in their apartment search. This realistic paper may just do the trick if you can't find a real brick wall.

Shop now: Kononia Brick Wallpaper, $7

6. Blooming Wall Peel and Stick Vintage Floral Birds Wallpaper, $9

Photo: Amazon

This dark, warm blue screams "library!" to me. Just imagine dark oak bookshelves lining the wallpaper with a cozy armchair or two to complete the vibe. Personally, I'm never leaving.

Shop now: Blooming Wall Peel and Stick Vintage Floral Birds Wallpaper, $9

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