An RD Shares Her Favorite Chocolate Bar With Anti-Inflammatory Benefits—And It’s Now on Sale

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Is there anything a piece of decadent, rich dark chocolate can't do? We highly doubt it. From jazzing up your favorite desserts and satiating your sweet tooth, to serving as a thoughtful, delicious gift for friends and family, dark chocolate is truly a jack of all trades.

But if you really want a candy that does it all? Snag a pack of Hu Kitchen's Simple Dark Chocolate, which is sweet and good for you, too—imagine that. These creamy, indulgent bars make the perfect heart-healthy snack or dessert and they're now up for grabs for $10 off. From today through Sept. 30, you can score a pack of four bars for just $16 when you use code CELEBRATE.

Hu Kitchen, Simple Dark Chocolate Bars (Pack of 4) — $16.00

Originally $26, now $16 with code CELEBRATE

Savor the pure, velvety deliciousness of the simple dark chocolate. Or switch things up with a flavor, like Hazelnut Butter or Almond Crunch.

Now, dark chocolate has been beloved by doctors and nutrition experts alike for a long time, thanks to its high count of  antioxidants known to improve cardiovascular health, inflammation, and immunity. Registered dietitian Melissa Rifkin, MS, RD, CDN, previously told W+G, "One study suggests 'a moderate habitual intake of flavonoids is inversely related to cardiovascular and cancer-related mortality'."

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But Hu Kitchen goes a step further, using organic, vegan, paleo-friendly ingredients to stand out from the pack on the health front. Look at the ingredient list on and you'll find Hu Kitchen's candies start with organic, fair-trade cacao—not sugar. They're sweetened with unrefined organic coconut sugar and mixed with organic fair-trade cocoa butter. This means that there's no dairy, no soy lecithin, no palm oil, and no emulsifiers to ensure you're noshing on chocolate you can feel good about.

Your body will feel good about it, too. Meredith Renshaw, RD, LDN, a dietitian at Free Method Nutrition in Nashville, Tennessee, notes that, in addition to the carbs and good fats, there's a healthy balance of fiber, vitamins, and minerals in each bar, all of which benefit cardiovascular health as well as gut health. Overall, they check, "so many boxes," for Renshaw. "Eating foods that make me feel good in my body, fuel me to serve my clients, and give me energy to live my life are all important to me!" she says.

Nibbled on bit by bit, snapped and shared with a friend, melted on S'mores—Renshaw says there is no wrong way to enjoy Hu Kitchen's dark chocolate, or any dark chocolate for that matter."Just don't forget—it does contain caffeine, so be careful before bed," she notes.

Explore all of the delicious products Hu Kitchen has to offer (including a limited edition spring collection) here.

It's not just hearty health—learn the other benefits cacao has on your body. 

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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