Our Favorite, RD-Approved Chocolate Brand *Finally* Launched a Creamy Milk Chocolate That We Can’t Stop Munching On

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It's time we face the bittersweet facts: Not everyone likes dark chocolate. Gasp. For chocaholics like myself, a square or two of rich, indulgent raspberry or blood orange dark chocolate at the end of a meal is more than enough to satiate my sweet tooth. Combined with all of the candy's long-researched cardiovascular benefits that make it a must for longevity, and you don't need to twist my arm to snack on the stuff.

But it's not for everybody! Like cats versus dogs, or creamy peanut butter versus chunky, the dark versus milk chocolate stand-off is a tale as old as time. And, like any fervent fan, the milk chocolate-rs are passionate about staying square in their lanes.

Good news to my milk chocolate devotees—Hu Kitchen hears you, loud and clear. And it's ready to tickle your tastebuds with its brand new, first-ever milk chocolate bars that are good for you and Mother Earth.

Hu Kitchen, Milk Chocolate Variety Pack (Pack of 5) — $30.00

These dreamy milk chocolate bars are made with better-for-you ingredients, just like their dark chocolate cousins. Snag a variety pack to try all five flavors, or stock up on your favorite to indulge in whenever you crave something sweet.

The dietitian-approved chocolate brand has racked up a devoted following (including most W+G staffers) for its delectable dark chocolates made with even more delectable ingredients. Determined to "get back to human" with its candies, Hu Kitchen's dark chocolates are made with better ingredients than your run-of-the-mill chocolate bars. Think: No refined sugars, no dairy, and no soy, palm oil, or gluten, either. It's USDA organic, paleo, and vegan, and made with Certified Fair Trade cocoa and cocoa butter, so you can trust where it's coming from.

Only, if you were on the milk chocolate side of the fence, you were SOL—Hu's chocolate was only dark chocolate, in everything from hardy bars, snacking gems, and baking chips. Until now, that is.

As of today, milk chocolate fans can get their fix, too, in the form of five(!!!) different dreamy flavors you won't want to share. The ingredients are just as thoughtful and high-quality, only these are blended with grass-fed organic milk to give it a luscious, melt-in-your-mouth taste and texture. While not vegan, they're still gluten-free, soy-free, and paleo—move over, Willy Wonka.

And the flavors—while you can't go wrong with a classic milk chocolate chocolate bar, which Hu Kitchen has, I strongly recommend exploring the other flavors. Your palate will not be disappointed.

In addition to Simple Milk Chocolate, there's the tasty Cashew Butter-Filled Milk Chocolate, which adds a swirl of sweetness in every bite. Nutella fans should try the Hazelnut Butter + Hazelnut Butter Crunch, while Almond Joy stans should get their hands on the Almond Crunch + Coconut Flakes, which is Hu Kitchen's twist on traditional candy. And finally, there's the Almond Butter + Almond Crunch, the perfect combination of creamy and crunchy you can snap off as a dessert or mid-afternoon snack.

Milk chocolate lovers—you've waited long enough to get your hands on some Hu Kitchen, and your time has come. Your milky chocolate goodness is waiting for you, in packs of four, eight, and 12, over on the Hu Kitchen website. And if you're like me, and never met a chocolate bar—milk or dark—you didn't like, you can get a Milk + Dark Chocolate Variety Pack ($48) with eight bars for every mood. Happy snacking!

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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