Huda Beauty’s New Skin Tint Gives the Golden Hour Glow Every Hour of the Day

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The last year pretty much sucked all the serotonin out of my brain, so it is rare for me to be as effusive about a product as I am about to be in the following Huda Beauty GloWish Multidew Skin Tint ($37) review. It's extra rare for me to be excited about a makeup product, because the other thing the past year sucked out of me was my will put on makeup. But here we are. This not-quite-a-tinted-moisturizer, not-quite-a-BB-cream, not-quite-a-foundation skin tint is the brain child of Huda Kattan, who's known for full-coverage, full-glam makeup. Inspired by blending her skin-care and makeup line, this product is sheer—but has the staying power of her other foundations. In short: It's everything I was promised that tinted moisturizer was supposed to be.

First, the stats: It's made with 92.6 percent naturally-derived ingredients, it's fragrance-free, and it comes in 13 shades and an array of undertones. It also contains red bell pepper extract, which can help protect skin against blue light. It does not contain SPF, which is a plus for me because I am very particular about SPF. I prefer to use my own sunscreen underneath my makeup, rather than wear a base that contains it because so many of them either smell weird, make me break out, or look greasy. Plus, it's transfer-resistant, which I can confirm because of an accidental chin-shoulder brush while hugging my boyfriend who was wearing a white shirt. No transfer! And it doesn't leave smudges all over my phone. Seriously, no transfer!

If you haven't worn much makeup during the pandemic, or you decided to forego it completely and call the Zoom touch-up good enough (me), this is the perfect thing to try. It's so easy to apply that it doesn't feel like a tedious step in my routine, the way that applying full foundation does. I like to tap it on with my fingers but the brand also carries a brush that is very soft and blends the creamy formula into my skin and leaves it looking luminous. Think Drew Barrymore at the ball in Ever After, but less sparkle. Seriously, my skin looks unreal when I wear this (you can totally skip the highlighter if you so choose). Compliments are coming if you give it a go... and maybe some serotonin by virtue.

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