The One Ingredient You Need to Keep Your Skin Plump and Hydrated

Photo: Stocksy/Dejan Ristovski
Hydrating moisturizers and serums are great and all, but there's one special ingredient you should look for if you're trying to maximize hydration: hyaluronic acid.

It's something your skin's already made of and it holds 100 times its weight in water—which means your complexion slurps it up and then major magic happens. "It's one of my favorite ingredients," says Mona Gohara, MD, a Connecticut-based dermatologist. "We're born with it and it absorbs water, so it keeps your skin plump and well-hydrated." (Who doesn't want something that plumps?)

Because of its moisturizing prowess, it's great for anti-aging (aging can be accelerated by dry skin). Dr. Gohara adds that this natural structure found in your skin starts to decline in your thirties, so it's good to use in order to retain your skin's hydration and even out fine lines. And it works for all skin types.

When you slather it onto your complexion, your skin chugs it like a hungover person chugs coconut water—absorbing it immediately and leaving you with that well-quenched glow. The best part? In the warmer months, it can replace your heavier moisturizer. Yes, please.

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