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The New Class of Lip Glosses Are Just As Hydrating As Your Go-to Lip Balm

Rachel Lapidos

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Photo: Stocksy/Lucas Ottone
We're thankfully living during a time when most-every product in our makeup bags is skin-friendly. We have skin care-foundation hybrids, lipstick with skin-boosting ingredients, lip-to-cheek palettes spiked with serum-worthy ingredients, and at last, a hydrating lip oil gloss that's packed with good-for-skin ingredients, while giving lips a shellac of pigment.

"Lip oils tend to be more nourishing than traditional lip glosses since skin-care ingredients are in the formula versus traditional glosses where shine is the main goal," says Jeannie Vincent, a Boston-based makeup artist. "These new options also tend to be less sticky, which is a nice alternative, since regular lip gloss has a pretty gluey reputation."

She points to the new-ish Kosas Wet Lip Oil Gloss, which has hyaluronic acid that works to "draw hydration back into the skin" and the Tower 28 Lip Gloss, which uses "various oils to moisturize like apricot, castor, raspberry, and avocado." That said, if you go with a colorless option, she recommends topping your gloss with a waxy balm to seal in moisture because "an oil alone generally isn't enough for the lips—you might lick it off or it will disappear after a while." Her fave? Drugstore staple Moroccan Magic Rose Lip Salve ($4).

As someone who ditched lip gloss after middle school, I'm a born-again shine fan, because these lip glosses douse my lips in hydration that is much needed this time of year. Keeps scrolling for the ones to grab next.

Kosas Wet Lip Oil Gloss, $27

This gloss packs a lot of moisture into your lips using hyaluronic acid, konjac root, and avocado oil, plus peptides to stimulate collagen production.

hydrating lip oil gloss
Photo: Kosas

Tower 28 Beauty ShineOn Jelly Lip Gloss, $14

Give your lips a whole lot of shine with a touch of pigment: These tubes pack moisture using apricot kernel oil, raspberry seed oil, and rosehip oil and a jelly-like finish to boot.

hydrating lip oil gloss
Photo: Tower 28

CoverGirl Clean Fresh Tinted Lip Oil, $11

CoverGirl's new Clean Fresh collection includes a lip treatment that also works as a non-sticky lip gloss. Each hue gives a wash of color and delivers hydrating essentials like vitamin E and coconut and pomegranate oils to your lips.

hydrating lip oil gloss
Photo: CoverGirl

Dior Lip Glow Oil, $34

I love these tinted lip treatments from Dior, which tap cherry oil to protect your lips from drying out. This gloss has the thickest texture of the bunch, but is meant to provide a whole lotta shine and shellac.

hydrating lip oil gloss
Photo: Dior

Nars Oil-Infused Lip Tint, $26

Spiked with raspberry seed oil, vitamin E, and pomegranate extract, this lip oil protects lips and gives a sheer wash of color with a lot of shine.

hydrating lip oil gloss
Photo: Nars

Han Lip Gloss, $15

Skin care-makeup hybrid brand Han makes a seriously lip-smoothing gloss that has a base of argan and acai oils for true moisture. It's really lightweight, giving your lips a wash of pigment with the slightest sheen.

hydrating lip oil gloss
Photo: Han Beauty

PYT Beauty Full Filled Lip Gloss, $15

When you want to bring the shimmer, this gloss is in order. Slather it on for a one-two punch of avocado oil and sunflower seed oil keep your lips from drying.

hydrating lip oil gloss
Photo: PYT Beauty

If you're not much of a gloss person, try one of these tinted lip balms for a similar effect. And here are tips and tricks from makeup artists on how to apply makeup like a pro. 

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