Hydro Flask Just Released a Limited Edition Collection With Vans, and We Love Its Special Feature

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Hydro Flask, the internet-beloved water bottle brand, rarely releases collaborations. But when it does, you can count on the collection being good. And on September 1, they dropped a new line in collaboration with popular skater brand, Vans. What makes this collection so special, exactly? The newest drop fuses design elements of Vans iconic shoes with the sleek and functional Hydro Flask bottles. And we're adding several to cart—because how cool is that?

The first product is a 32-ounce wide mouth bottle with a Vans Off The Wall logo plastered on the front (it also comes in a 24-ounce size and a 12-ounce version for the kiddos). What differentiates this one from the brand's other hero bottles is the checkered handle and grippy, waffle-like bottom, which is designed to mimic Vans outsoles found on their iconic Old Skool kicks (how cute). While it might not seem like a big deal, the grippy bottom prevents the bottle from slipping and sliding off of slick surfaces (no more water bottle dents).

As a Hydro Flask and Vans owner myself, I can attest to the quality of both products. The Hydro Flask keeps my water cool for up to 24 hours and the rubber outsoles are durable, so much so that I'm still rocking my Old Skool pair since 2017 (it's still intact, btw). When I found out that the two brands were getting married, I jumped up in excitement.

You can join in on all of the excitement, too. This limited edition collection releases today, and it's bound to sell out. Shop now to get your hands on this iconic release.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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