The Most Popular Insulated Water Bottle Brand Is Having a Major Sale, So You Can Easily Hit Your Hydration Goals This Year

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Being more hydrated is always a good goal to have—whether you subscribe to the idea of New Year's resolutions or not. What can really help you reach those water intake goals is an insulated water bottle that keeps cold water cold (or hot water hot, if you're using an insulated tumbler for a hot tea or coffee—yes, tea and coffee hydrate you, so it counts!). Thankfully, Hydro Flask's Seasonal Sale is here to help with that.

In one of the brand's few sales of the year, you can now take home a slew of Hydro Flask's top-rated water bottles and tumblers for a whooping 35 percent off!  This includes everything from Hydro Flask's 12-ounce tumbler for smaller beverages to its massive 128-ounce water bottle that's perfect for camping trips and serving large parties.

So, no matter if you're looking to increase your water intake and/or score a more eco-friendly way to quench your thirst, now's the time to stock up on the brand's best-selling essentials. But be sure to act fast—the sale runs only until supplies last. And given the high durability of these bottles, chances are, that's likely to be sooner rather than later.

To help make things easier, we've curated some of the top picks from the savings event for you to take a peek below—you're welcome!

The best of Hydro Flask's sale

Hydro flask 32 oz Wide Mouth w: Straw Lid
32 oz Wide Mouth Water Bottle w/ Straw Lid — $32.00

Originally $50, now $32

If it’s your first time investing in a reusable bottle, this water bottle is the perfect everyday option. It’s my personal favorite because of the straw lid cap, which makes it easy to sip on-the-go. Also, it keeps drinks insanely cold or hot for up hours on end and has a non-slip exterior to make the bottle easy to hold while you’re on your next adventure.

Colors available: 2

16 oz Coffee Tumbler with Flex Sip™ Lid — $21.00

Originally $33, now $21

For those who love to have your cup of joe on-the-go, consider this bottle your go-to accessory. The lid is 100 percent leakproof, so you can store it in your backpack or tote without worrying about it spilling on your way to the office. And since the bottle fits under most brewing systems, you can even take it to your local barista.

Colors available: 3



Hydroflask 16 tumbler
16 oz All Around™ Tumbler — $16.00

Originally $25, now $16

Any time I find myself making a smoothie in the morning, this is my go-to cup. It’s just big enough to hold my ingredients and keep them nice and chilled at work. But the really cool part, is the lid. It slides open and shut for easy drinking, and can be replaced with one the brand’s reusable straw tops for slow sipping.

Colors available: 2

hydroflask 32 oz Wide Mouth
32 oz Wide Mouth Water Bottle — $29.00

Originally $45, now $29

Available in five different colors, this 32-oz wide mouth bottle is a true fan-favorite, and for good reason. It’s super durable and easy to use, thanks to the Color Last™ Powder Coat. This helps prevent the outside from chipping and excess condensation.

Colors available: 5


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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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