9 Cozy and Essential Loungewear Items for Insanely Cold Temps

Photo: Instagram/@nakedcashmere

In what felt like, oh, five seconds, the winter climate shifted from "I guess it's kind of cold outside" to "are we in the Arctic Circle?" Needless to say, padding around your pajama lounge in silk PJs and a robe might be fashionable, but the getup doesn't live up to the true potential of your hygge goals (which are, of course, the best goals). In the interest of getting and staying warm and cozy, your loungewear closet could probably use some luxe assistance, courtesy of cashmere, wool, and adult onesies.

No matter how you fill your days and nights during staying-in season (body-positive embroidery, maybe?), you can mix, match and layer these pieces to find the perfect cozy #lewk for whatever you're up to. Add a pair of hygge house socks, and you'll never want to leave your house again.

Take a peek at the ultra-comfy and cozy loungewear items below.

Stay cozy during the chilly temperatures with these heat-tech leggings and some seasonally appropriate running jackets.

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