Ikea’s Robotic ‘Furniture of the Future’ Transforms 1 Room Into 3 for the Ultimate Minimalist Aesthetic

Photo: Ikea

Living in New York City (where a bedroom the size of a closet goes for $1,000/month) has taught me the immense value of space. My number one question before purchasing anything now is, "Wait! Can I spatially afford this?!" Cities make minimalists of all of us. And if the well-furnished minds at Ikea have anything to say about it, doing more with less is about to get super chic. The company announced its 2020 plans to roll out a robot named Rognan, which "transforms small spaces into comfortable, multifunctional homes."

"Designed in partnership with the American furniture startup Ori Living, Rognan changes to meet your needs, from sleep, to getting dressed, to having guests, and more," reads an announcement from Ikea on Instagram.

The real-life magic of the device means that, with the touch of a button, you can transform a single piece of furniture into a bed, a couch, a closet, and a desk. (Please excuse me while I swoon.)

United Nation's estimates show that almost 70 percent of the world's population will live in cities by the year 2050, signaling a growing need for multi-functional furniture. Eating, working, and sleeping will all need to take place more seamlessly in small spaces when high-rise living supplants three-bedroom suburban sprawl—and Ikea is one step ahead. The Rognan is estimated to save an extra 86 square feet, reports The Verge.

"Instead of making the furniture smaller, we transform the furniture to the function that you need at that time," says Seana Strawn, an Ikea product developer. “When you sleep, you do not need your sofa. When you use your wardrobe, you do not need your bed.” Well said. And because the whole system is built on Ori's robotic platform, it will also be compatible with the company's Platsa line of storage furniture and a line of smart lighting tools called Tradfri.

Good luck putting this one together, folks.

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