This Long-Lasting, Hydrating Lipstick Won’t Smudge for *Hours,* and It’s the Only One You’ll Need for Holiday Party Season

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Dry lips and matte lipstick do not a good mix make. And as you traverse the holiday-party landscape, you want to be armed with products that you know will leave you looking and feeling good all day long. The Ilia Color Block Lipstick ($28) is one of those products. It's handcrafted with custom pigments in organic castor seed oil—giving you intense color with a creamy finish.

This full-coverage, long-lasting lipstick has a super moisturizing formula to keep your lips soft and nourished. Organic castor seed oil softens and hydrates your lips while apricot seed oil, which is rich in oleic acid and vitamin E, boosts elasticity and hydration. Finally, mango seed butter is packed with vitamins A and C to keep lips plump and soft.

Customers agree that the formula leaves your lips feeling cared for. "This lipstick is everything I want in a lipstick: easy to apply, nurturing [to] the lips, and stays on," writes a reviewer named Mareen. "The formula is smooth and not drying," adds Natalie D.

This lipstick is available in 15 classic-yet-gorgeous shades of reds, pinks, and berries. The colors are achieved through a mix of natural pigments and synthetic food-grade dyes. "The choice to use food-grade dye was preferred over the use of Carmine (crushed beetle skin) when formulating certain lip colors in order to obtain a stronger hue," explains the brand's website.

If you want a high-impact look, apply the lipstick to your bare lips. For more diffused, blotted lips, you can apply it with your fingers and dab it along your lips. For added moisture, apply it on top of your favorite lip balm.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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