For ‘Just Stepped Off the Slopes’ Rosy Cheeks, I Tried This Celeb-Beloved Multi-Stick—And I’m Hooked

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Frigid temps and frozen toes aside, winter has its upsides. Cozy nights by the fireplace, lounging in all-things soft and snuggly, getting loose with a little après—these are all good, wintery things. One of the most underrated cold-weather perks, IMO? Perfectly rosy cheeks you can only get by stepping out in cold. Maybe it's my writerly brain trying to romanticize the chilly, dreary season, but there's something to be said about that seemingly flawless flush that comes with frosty weather.

I have tried to recreate this effortless, 'just stepped off the slopes' gorgeous glow countless times, all to no avail. Classic powder blushes, minimalist tints, even pinching my cheeks (a trick I learned in an old Cosmo issue? IDK) have never captured what Jack Frost can. That's why I'm so impressed with the Ilia Multi-Stick ($34), my new go-to blush for achieving rosy radiance without having to subject myself to the elements.

This creamy stick blush is a dream for giving yourself an instant wintery flush, minus the windchill. Made by Ilia, which is a one-stop shop for natural makeup, the Multi-Stick features a buttery blend that gives you total control over buildable color. Its ability to turn pallid cheeks into rosy blooms have won the hearts of many A-listers, like Cami Menders, Emma Watson, and Megan Fox. And now I see why.

As someone who prefers the 'no makeup makeup' look, the Ilia Multi-Stick is a no-brainer. The twistable stick makes it easy to dab along your cheekbones as much as or as little as you like. For the days I want that wild, wintery look, I'll add a little more color than usual, blending it in (which it does seamlessly, BTW) using my fingers, and topping it off with just a smidge of highlighter.

And it's not just a blush—true to its name, it's perfect for dabbing across the bridge of your nose or across your lips, too. When done right, this all-over color looks natural, giving you an 'I just stepped out of a snowstorm,' flush worthy of any cheesy Hallmark movie—no blizzard necessary.

Dreamy formula and rosy affect aside, the colors are stunning. My personal favorite is A Fine Romance, a cheery berry that looks like something you'd find on a holiday wreath (the same color Camila Mendes prefers, too). Come summer, I like to go with a warmer look, like Dreamer, a coral-y nude that looks great with a tan, or All Of Me, a bright watermelon that's the perfect pop of color on lips. But really, you can't go wrong with any of the nine colors—they're all light, natural-looking, and soft enough to make you want the whole collection.

The Ilia Multi-Stick proves you don't have to trek through a blustery blizzard to get angelic rosy cheeks. For just $34, the stunning stick is a staple in any winter makeup routine—one that's sure to keep you cozy and safe from the snow while you wear. L

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