I Cancelled Foundation After Trying This Skin-Tint Serum With SPF and Mega-Moisture

You open up Instagram and prepare to take a selfie or video to document something, and up pops a filter that immediately smooths and brightens your complexion. Well, here's some good news: That glow doesn't have to only exist on your phone. That glow can be had by slathering some of the Ilia Super Serum Skin Tint SPF 40 Foundation ($46) onto your skin.

Just a few months ago, makeup and skin-care brand Ilia came out with the queen of all hybrid beauty products, which has been quickly snagged up and become a mainstay in makeup bags across the country. While it's getting harder to find makeup without skin-boosting properties—score one for complexions everywhere—this baby packs way more more than the typical multitasking cosmetic. Upon applying the Ilia Skin Tint, you're getting: a light-coverage foundation, sun protection, a serum, and moisture... all in one fell swoop.

Photo: Ilia

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The brand claims that the product takes the place of the skin-care steps that you'd typically do before putting on makeup. That's because, true to the Super Serum name, the formula contains multiple molecular weights of hyaluronic acid (for deep and surface-level moisture within skin), squalane (for even more moisture), niacinamide (vitamin B3 that smooths and protects your skin barrier... and provides moisture), and aloe leaf powder (yep, that's more moisture, plus some inflammation soothing for good measure). It also knocks your sunscreen step out of the equation, giving you SPF 40 from non-nano zinc oxide.

The finish is incredibly dewy, so if you're into the glowy, just-applied-your-skin-care look, you'll be really into this product (matte fans, not so much). Even though the foundation is technically giving you light coverage, it feels like nothing is on your skin—it's truly weightless, but you can layer it on if you want more of a finished look. And if you're concerned about the liquid base, note that it's good for all skin types and won't make you break out. After using it for a couple of months, I've slimmed my a.m. beauty routine to a record-breaking number of products thanks to the multitasking powers, and have never gotten more compliments on my glow. Oh, and I'm definitely abiding by a #nofilter life when it's on my skin.

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