The Hydrating Shower Hack You Should Get on Board With Now

Photo: Twenty20/@DougOivares
Killing two birds with one stone is always a great thing. Getting my probiotics in while sipping on a delicious drink (AKA kombucha)? Yes, please. Exfoliating my skin as I sit back and enjoy my face mask? Hellooo. So imagine getting moisturized before ever even leaving the shower—ideal scenario, am I right? Because TBH, who likes to get out of the warm water to slather on cold lotion that takes forever to dry?

Summer's around the corner (finally), so I'm obviously thinking about soft, glowy skin—that's why it's gratuitous that I, now, don't have to add an extra step to my routine in order to get it. Meet the uber-moisturizing body washes and oils for that covetable, dewy-all-over complexion—that are quickly becoming the MVPs of the shower.

The ultimate dermatologist-approved soft-skin hack taught me that if I apply a body oil before I hop in the shower, I'll walk away with hydrated, dewy skin, and with the advent of in-shower moisturizers, which are meant to be applied while the water is still on to help them better bind to skin, I've got moisturized skin down no matter which product's on hand. What's up, extra five minutes in my bathroom regimen?

Keep reading to shop these in-shower moisturizers for yourself.

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