6 Indoor Herb and Plant Growers For Those With a Lack of Space and (Perhaps) a Lack of Green Thumb

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According to the 2018 National Gardening Survey, 77 percent of American households are gardening nowadays, and 18 to 34 year olds occupy 29 percent of that group. That's more, and younger, than ever before. That being said, for so many of us who live in apartments, cities, or without adequate outdoor space or light, our green thumb fantasies are limited. Luckily, that is where indoor herb and plant gardens come to save the day.

The variety, size range, and quality of indoor herb and plant gardens has grown and improved immensely over the past few years. No more huge metal bins filled with dirt that you have to balance on your window sill, and more sleek, high-tech, smart gardens that look like works of art. They are low-maintenance, great for beginners and expert green thumbs alike, and versatile enough to host whatever your leafy-desires may be.

Bring the outdoors in with these 6 indoor herb and plant gardens

1. Click and Grow The Smart Garden 3, $100

Photo: Click and Grow

If you're looking for a garden that minds its own business and takes care of itself, but is there for you, filled with herbs for the next time you are whipping up your favorite pasta dish, this smart garden is made for you. It works like a coffee machine for plants. You put in the biodegradable pod filled with seeds and nutrients, and wait for the herbs to sprout. Easy.

Shop now: Click and Grow The Smart Garden 3, $100

2. Modern Sprout Grow-Anywhere Growhouse, $199

Photo: Food52

This mountable growhouse is more than just Pinterest-worthy home decor. The brass set-up is an aesthetically pleasing addition to any room, while the built in LED with a timer is great for fostering low-to-bright light loving plants, even without sunlight.

Shop now: Modern Sprout Grow-Anywhere Growhouse, $199

3. AeroGarden Harvest, $150

Photo: Bed Bath and Beyond

Soil can be a a hassle and make a mess. This soil-free aero garden can grow everything from herbs and veggies to greens and flowers, and it also features a reminder light to tell you when your plant babies need watering or a little extra TLC.

Shop now: AeroGarden Harvest, $150

4. Back to the Roots Water Garden, $100

Photo: Amazon
A planter and a pet? This mini aquaponic ecosystem becomes a self-cleaning fish tank that grows fresh food on top. The fish waste fertilizes the plants while the plants clean the water. Talk about a symbiotic relationship!

Shop now: Back to the Roots Water Garden, $100

5. Hydrofarm GCSB Box Kit, $84

Photo: Amazon
Don't have a plug nearby? This salad box is easy to use and to clean and doesn't require any electricity as it grows its greens and lettuce up to 30 percent faster than soil. Bonus because it can work both inside and out.

Shop now: Hydrofarm GCSB Box Kit, $84

6. Veritable Classic Indoor Garden Grower, $200

Photo: Food52

This all inclusive kit comes with everything you need to start your plant journey. No green thumbs necessary. The set comes with basil, parsley, chives, and thyme, and each pod contains the specific nutrients necessary to make each plant thrive.

Shop now: Veritable Classic Indoor Garden Grower, $200

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