Growing Your Own Herbs Is Easy With These 5 Indoor Garden Kits

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There is something so I'm-an-adult about growing your own herbs, which is now easier than ever thanks to indoor herb garden kits. Not only are you keeping a thing other than yourself alive, said thing is also practical. Fresh herbs can be used in a variety of ways: to make tea, add to recipes, as a natural bug repellant, and even as a form of self-care.

Plus, objectively, being able to tell people that the gut-healthy summer soup you whipped up was made with fresh basil from your garden really makes it look like you have your life together—even if in reality, you're a closet stuffed with trash bags full of old clothes.

Instead of starting from scratch, pick up one of these indoor herb garden kits. You don't have to do any heavy lifting, like research what kind of soil to buy, they don't take up much space (a windowsill will do), and they come in a variety of price points.

Shop our favorite indoor herb garden kits below.

edn SmallGarden with Basil SeedPods, Indoor Grow Smart Garden Starter Kit for Fresh Home Grown Herbs, Plants and Flowers Roll over image to zoom in VIDEO edn SmallGarden
Photo: Amazon
edn SmallGarden with Basil SeedPods — $200.00

This little garden comes with 10 soilless basil seed pods to get you started, but it can grow up to that many different kinds of plants at once—the brand offers everything from mint to marigold to mixed lettuce. It has a water reservoir so your plants can water themselves, and sends reminders to your smartphone when it’s time to add more water. You can also put the LED grow lights on a schedule. So if you’re the kind of person who gets really into a project for a few weeks before abandoning it for a new hobby (*cough* Geminis *cough*), you can still enjoy fresh herbs with minimal time and attention spent.


Click and Grow The Smart Garden 3
Photo: Amazon
Click & Grow The Smart Garden 3 — $100.00

There’s room to grow a trio of different herbs at once in this self-watering planter. The kit comes with three biodegradable basil seed pods, and the brand offers over 50 different types of plant pods to purchase. Not sure where to start? They offer sets like herbs to make a calming tea, and a basil variety set. You can also get a seedless plant pod and add your own seeds to it. Automated lighting and watering make keeping your herbs alive extra easy. If you want to grow more than three plants at a time, the brand also offers planters with nine and 27 growing holes, as well as an indoor vertical garden with 51 growing holes.

Spade to Fork Indoor Herb Garden Starting Kit
Photo: Amazon
Spade to Fork Indoor Herb Garden Starting Kit — $30.00

This entire kit is certified USDA organic, from the seeds to the soil to the pots, and comes from a family-owned farm in Oregon. It contains soil disks, which fluff up when you add water, and plant markers with a place to write the date the herbs were planted.

Back to the Roots Water Garden
Photo: Amazon
Back to the Roots Water Garden — $83.00

This indoor herb garden kit uses aquaponics to grow plants; in a nutshell (seashell?), this is a method of raising fish and plants together. The plants get their nutrients from the fish waste, while they act as a filter for the water and help keep it clean for this fish. (This also means you don’t have to clean the tank as often as a regular fish tank.) This cute kit comes with everything you need, minus the Betta fish.

Uncommon Goods Self-Watering Kitchen Herb Pot
Photo: Uncommon Goods
Uncommon Goods Self-Watering Kitchen Herb Pot — $40.00

If you’re looking for an indoor herb garden kit that’s cute and low-maintenance, meet your match. This self-watering glass and ceramic pot is super easy to set up and maintain—once you plant your herbs, basically all you need to do is refill the base when it’s running out of water.

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