5 Indoor Walking Exercise Videos to Get Your Heart Rate up Without Leaving the House

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Whether the weather is bad, or you just don't feel like wearing a mask, sometimes, you wanna go for a walk without actually going outside. Unless you have a treadmill, going for a walk inside sounds like doing laps around your dinning table. Luckily, you have another option—indoor walking exercise videos. These workouts make walking in place, an OG aerobics move, actually fun.

"Walking is a fantastic cardio workout that is low-impact, while at the same time, can be a heart-racing, high-intensity exercise when done properly," says Aaptiv master trainer John Thornhill.

To keep your indoor walking exercises interesting, we've rounded up some of our favorite videos below. These low-impact workouts are the easiest way to get 10,000 steps without leaving your living room.

The best indoor walking exercise videos on YouTube

1. 7-minute workout 1,000 steps

If you need a quick breather to get up from your desk and get your blood flowing, try this 7-minute walking workout from Lucy Wyndham-Read. By the time you reach the end, you''ll have hit 1,000 steps.

2. 20-minute Indoor Walking Workout

This 20-minute walking workout by Holly Dolke spices up walking in place. For this workout, you'll alternate between 30 seconds of walking, and 30 seconds of a bodyweight strength training move.

3. Walk at Home 2-Mile Walk

We'd be remiss to have a walking workout roundup without including one from the Walk At Home queen, Leslie Sansone. This 2-mile walk is one of her many indoor walking exercise videos that incorporates fast walking with various aerobic exercises.

4. 30-minute Get Fit Indoor Walking Video

This 30-minute workout with Schellea Fowler of fabulous50s will take you two miles without leaving the house.

5. 10,000 Indoor Step Challenge

Before you get too excited, this 30-minute workout from Joanna Soh will only get you to 10,000 steps if you do it twice. But, even completing it once is still a fantastic way to get moving. You'll alternate 30 seconds of walking with 30 seconds of other aerobic movements.

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