5 Beautiful Indoor Plants That’ll Thrive Throughout Winter

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Winter is a sad time for plants. While many might bounce back after struggling through months of limited daylight, some indoor plants do much better than others during the season.

"I highly recommend looking for plants that can tolerate low light. Winter comes with shorter days, and fewer hours of daylight for your indoor plants," says Rachel Mayo of @growinthelight. "The winter season also comes with drier air. For that reason, I'd recommend plants that can survive without the humidity."

To help plants you already own survive the darker months of winter months, place them closer to windows to get more light and consider running a humidifier ($35). And if you're looking to add to your collection, the indoor plants below will thrive all winter long.

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Indoor plants that'll thrive in winter

1. Snake plant, $67

indoor winter plants
Photo: The Sill

Snake plants are so easy that they basically take care of themselves. "This is my first recommendation for any new plant parent," says Mayo. "They survive neglect and even unstable growing conditions. They also make a room pretty without any hassle."

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2. ZZ plant, $38

Photo: Lowe's

Low light isn't a problem for ZZ plants. "They have an extraordinary ability to thrive in areas with minimal light," says Mayo. "Its unique root system also helps keep it well fed for longer periods of time, and infrequent watering is key for its survival."

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3. Cacti, $65

Photo: Bloomscape

You'd think cacti would make terrible winter plants, but they're actually a great addition to your collection. "The beauty in these plants is that they most often require zero humidity," says Mayo. They also require very little light and water during the winter months, as they go dormant.

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4. Pothos, $20

indoor winter plants
Photo: Lowe's

Pothos are one of the best plants around. "These vining beauties are known for being almost impossible to kill," says Mayo. "They also require low humidity and, even in the winter, just keep on growing."

Shop now: Pothos, $20

5. Succulents, $28

Photo: Lowe's

Pop your succulents on your sunniest window sill and they'll be just fine. "They should be kept in the brightest possible spot during the winter, but more importantly, they prefer no humidity and lighter watering during this season," says Mayo.

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The best plants to put in every room of your house:

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