100-Degree Temps Have Finally Convinced Me That I Need One of These Adult-Sized Inflatable ‘Kiddie’ Pools

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It’s a real scorcher out there, y’all, but fear not: You don’t have to live near a beach, lake, or swimming hole to beat the heat. With temperatures climbing, we long to retreat to the comfort of our A/C-blasted living rooms but our backyards and porches have a distinctive allure. And to help you save time, we’ve rounded up the *best* and most top-rated inflatable pools for this summer.

Whoah, whoah, whoah, you say. Aren’t those for toddlers?As kids, we’d set up camp in an inflatable pool in the grass; better yet, we’d set up a sprinkler to run through with lemonade and ice pops waiting for us at the end. But we can let you in on a secret: Kiddie pools are better as adults. Why have a "hot girl" walk when you can have a "hot girl" dip?

Soak in some chilly water. Throw on your sustainable swimmie and sunglasses. Top up a cocktail or refreshing mocktail. And luxuriate in being just a few degrees cooler for a few hours more. Take a dip by yourself and enjoy the book you've been meaning to read, or invite some pals over to share the cool water. There are options on this list you can set up for a while, and others that you set up and easily disassemble each time. I know I'm ordering several.

Best pool with cover

Intex 10'x30'x30" Inflatable Round Swimming Pool & 10' Pool Debris Cover Tarp — $70.00

The most sanitary option is to clean out your pool with soap and water at the end of every session. If you’d like a longer term setup though, consider a pool with a cover to avoid falling leaves and debris. The sides of this option are super durable, and it’s deep enough to float in, which feels oh-so-luxurious.

Most Instagram-worthy pool

minni dip
Minnidip The Topiary Luxe Inflatable Pool — $71.00

Feeling swanky? This designer inflatable pool gives us major chic hotel vibes, with a rich, cactus green color and suave scalloped edges. It’s ethically constructed of heavyweight durable soft-touch vinyl, and the checker cabana stripe pattern on the bottom? *Chef’s kiss*

Best for pets (but also, the most durable)

dog pool
Meowant Foldable Dog Pool — $54.00

If you have pups like we do, you know they get a little…enthusiastic and keeping them cool can be tough. Before you know it, they’ve jumped into the pool, spilling your drinks and puncturing your inflatable. Goodbye, temp control. Goodbye, pool setup. This dog pool has extra tough 0.5mm PVC materials and hard-strength plastic board (aka safe for the claws). As a bonus, this one is foldable rather than inflatable; just unfold and fill to use. (Life hack: Parents have said this one rocks for small children, and it’s super easy to drain.)

Best pool with canopy

Inflatable Swimming Pool- 118"X71"X20" Family Swimming Blow Up 10ft Pool with Shade — $90.00

We love the all day pool set up — until the sunburn arrives. Add in a UV-protective shade, and there’s no need to leave. It holds four to five people, and holds up to 312 gallons of water. When not in use, it folds down to five percent of its volume, allowing for easy storage when the weather finally (!) gets snappier. Bonus points for coming with repair patches, just in case.

Best for small spaces

iWork Easy Set Above Ground Swimming Pools 6 ft x 29 in — $55.00

Let’s be real: Some of us just don’t have the yards for the cabana fantasy of our dreams. If you’re working with, ahem, limited real estate, this easy-install swimming pool is super convenient.

Best for lounging

members mark
Members Mark Elegant Family Pool 10 Feet Long 2 Inflatable Seats with Backrests — $58.00

Two highly comfortable seats (and backrests!) make this a whole-on lounger. A two-in-one valve allows for easy inflation and deflation. You’ll want an air pump, but you’ll adore the end result.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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