Instant Pot’s Electric Tea Kettle Is a Multi-Functional Time Saver, Just as You’d Expect

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There's a reason why Instant Pot owners are so passionate about the cooking tool. It cooks food fast (like, really fast) and the ways to use it are so endless that there are dozens of books devoted to revealing tips, tricks, and recipe ideas. The obsession is real and it's not the only kitchen appliance the brand has revolutionized. They did it again with the Instant Pot Zen Electric Kettle ($82).

instant pot zen electric kettle
Photo: Instant Pot
Instant Pot Zen Electric Kettle — $82.00

This electric kettle lets you set the *exact* temperature you want the water to be and also boils water at the press of a button.

At $82, the Instant Pot Zen Electric Kettle isn't exactly cheap, but there are several standout features that prove it's a step above any old kettle. Perhaps the most noteworthy one is that you can choose the exact temperature you want the water to be heated to. This is key because different types of tea require different temperatures. It's the same feature on the beloved Stagg kettle, which retails for $149. (Suddenly, $81 seems a bit more reasonable, right?) Not only will the Instant Pot Zen Electric Kettle warm the water to the perfect temperature, it will hold it there for up to two hours—a pretty clutch feature if you're a multiple-cups-of-tea-a-day person.

It wouldn't be an Instant Pot product if that was all it did though. Another great feature is that it brings water from cold to boiling automatically at just the press of a button. That can definitely come in handy when you're trying to get a meal on the table ASAP.

The vast majority of people who have bought the kettle on Amazon have given it a five-star rating. "I have had this thing a couple of days now and must say it's well worth the price," one customer said in their review. "[It] boils water very fast, keeps it hot for hours, and [is] quiet. I have tea-ready boiling water sitting all day to use as required." "It heats fast," another customer review reads. "The initial full kettle heat up was five minutes or less. I was surprised. I use this daily for my French press coffee and also for my cream of rice hot cereal. [The] kettle design allows me to pour perfectly and under control."

The Instant Pot brand seems to have really mastered the art of time-saving, multi-use kitchen appliances. Keep creating, IP—we are so here for it.

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