Yes, a Fast-Drying Instant Tanner That Doesn’t Drip or Streak Exists—And We Found It

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Come spring, it can be hard to resist the opportunity to tan, especially if you’re someone who lives in a cold-weather climate where sun-kissed skin is a seasonal occurrence. But, spending hours sunbathing isn’t the healthiest way to get it since prolonged sun exposure can lead to fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, and hyperpigmentation—even if you use SPF above 30 and reapply regularly. Spray tans and self-tanners as an alternative can be nerve-wracking for fear of streaks or turning the complete wrong shade.

Lucky for us, we’ve found an instant tanner that provides the same type of glowy skin synonymous with summer—without causing damage. Our go-to for a sun-kissed look? The Self Tan Instant Gel from Clarins ($41). It's available via the Clarins website (shop below) with 10% off your first order, major department stores, or Amazon.

Using the product is pretty simple: Before applying, exfoliate with a body scrub or dry brush. Then, give your skin some hydration by applying a body conditioner in the shower or a thick moisturizer after toweling off.

Once your skin is prepped, put about a quarter-size drop of the liquid formula in the palm of your hands and begin to rub the gel all over your body in a circular motion. We recommend starting with your legs and working your way up to your face. To make it look as natural as possible, don’t forget to apply it to your feet, ankles, wrists, and hands. Our own Senior Commerce Manager recommends mixing in some body lotion to make sure the gel spreads evenly and using each day up until (and even on) the day of an event to ensure you get the level of tan you feel comfortable with. Then, by the time you've washed your hands, the product is likely dry and on its way to giving you an even glow.

The best part? Unlike traditional tanning products, this instant-drying gel has fig extract that makes it smell fresh and adds a hydrating boost to the skin. Unsurprisingly, reviewers (and our team) can’t get enough of it. One called the innovative gel the “standard above ANY,” while another said that the product gives a “lovely natural looking tan” and that it’s “easy to apply.” So if you’re ready for a summery glow sans sun exposure, this one’s like liquid gold in a tube.

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