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This Vibrator Takes ‘Ribbed for Her Pleasure’ to a Whole New Level

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One of my earliest encounters with condoms had nothing to do with the contraceptive itself, but with the packaging. I was in middle school, innocently browsing the aisles of CVS, when I stumbled across the mysterious-to-me sexual-health section. My interest was piqued (as was my pre-teen sex drive) as I naively read the now legendary slogan on a box of Trojans: "Ribbed for her pleasure."

Back then, I had no idea what that meant. Now? Oh, honey, I know exactly what it means. And while I can't say a ribbed condom ever brought me to my knees in ecstasy, there is a toy that has. That, my friends, is the Iroha Plus Kushi ($110), a texturized vibrator that takes "ribbed for her pleasure" to a whole new level.

Iroha (the counterpart brand to Tenga, which makes sex toys for penis-havers) makes premium sex toys for vulva-owners that feel as good as they look. All crafted from a silky-smooth silicone that makes stimulation seamless, the vibrators promise, "a fun, safe way to treat your body to the luxurious sensations it seeks."


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Iroha+, Kushi — $110.00

The shell-shaped vibrator from Iroha+ is textured perfectly to give you serious sensation.

Shaped like a shell, the Kushi features curved lines and rounded corners that glide seamlessly over your favorite erogenous zones. Its defining "edge," if you will, are its textured ribs, which fan out over its body to allow for serious stimulation along your vulva, labia, and clitoris.

Now, if you're in the camp that believes ribbed condoms really do feel good, first, congrats—I'm jealous. And second, rest assured that the Kushi will blow your mind. Combined with its five vibration strengths and two rhythm patterns, its edges accentuate pleasure with every touch, giving you total control to explore your body and experiment with the power of texture.

Combined with its five vibration strengths and two rhythm patterns, Kushi's edges accentuate pleasure with every touch.

I recommend using the Iroha Plus Kushi with an organic lube to maximize the sensation of its edges gliding over your erogenous zones and getting you in the mood. Just note: It's made from silicone, meaning it can't be used with just any old lubricant. Instead, aim for a water-based option that won't break down its materials like other ingredients might. Maude Shine Organic ($25) and Ah Yes Organic Water Based Lubricant ($9) are both sure bets.

Also, don't be afraid to go exploring with this titillating toy. It feels great on the vulva, especially around your clitoris. But it feels amazing in other places, too. Don't forget, your body is loaded with places that make you feel good—you just need to find them. Go beyond well-known erogenous zones like your nipples and your perineum, and check out less obvious ones like the insides of your wrists and the nape of your neck. Since Kushi is all about texture, take the time to explore the other places that might turn you on. You might find something that surprises you.

If you want to experience "ribbed for her pleasure" like never before, add the Iroha Plus Kushi to your pleasure chest, and (literally) give your orgasm an edge.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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