The Impossible Burger Is *Everywhere,* but Is It Truly Healthy? Here’s What an RD Thinks

Impossible versus Beyond...which alt-burger comes out on top? Watch the video to find out.

Remember when veggie burgers were pretty much synonymous with hockey pucks? The plant-based eating scene has changed a lot in the past few years, as proven by the notorious Impossible Burger. The 100-percent vegan burger mimics the texture, taste, and look (it's even red in the middle) of your standard beef burger. But whether it's good for you or not... many healthy eaters are still scratching their heads on that one.

In the latest episode of You Versus Food, registered dietitian Tracy Lockwood Beckerman, RD, shares her official verdict on the health merits of the Impossible Burger—and how it compares to its "just like meat" rival, the Beyond Burger.

In the pro column, the Impossible Burger has the same amount of protein as a beef burger, along with some key vitamins and minerals. "The Impossible Burger contains a ton of vitamin B12 and 25 percent of iron, which are both fab for energy," Beckerman says. It also contains thiamine, which supports the body's nervous system.

Obviously, meat-based beef is a good source of iron in its own right. Beckerman says to replicate that in a plant-based version, Impossible Burger includes soy leghemoglobin, an iron-containing molecule found in soy plants. While this ingredient has been met with some controversy (and was subject to some extra FDA oversight before it was approved), Beckerman emphasizes that soy is not bad for health, despite what many may think.

Okay, so it's clear that the Impossible Burger has some good nutritional elements. But that still leaves the question of how it fully compares to the Beyond Burger and regular 'ol beef. Watch the full episode to see Tracy compare and contrast the options and to find out which one comes out on top.

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