Jane Fonda’s Finally Designing Workout Clothes and TBH, We Can’t Believe It Took This Long

Photo: Getty Images/ Sylvain Lefevre

Jane Fonda epitomized the '80s fitness craze—down to her bodysuits and leg warmers. But somehow, the woman who launched a thousand (technically 17 million) at-home cardio workout tapes never created a collection of activewear...until now.

Proving it's never too late to start a passionate side hustle, Fonda, 80, is adding another hyphen to her multifaceted career by launching her own lifestyle brand. The new line is being created in partnership with the broadcast network Evine. When it launches this spring, it'll include activewear, athleisure items, and health and wellness products designed with women over 50 in mind. "We are, after all, the fastest growing demographic in the world," Fonda told WWD. (The woman really knows her way around a one-liner, amirite?)

And I know, I know, it seems like every. day. another famous person announces that they're working on a fashion label. I've certainly thrown side eyes at more than a few that feel, let's just say, inauthentic. But Fonda's seems like the real deal (I say seems only because there are currently no images of her first collection).

What I do know for sure is that given how many decades she's spent putting other people's workout clothes through serious sweat tests, I imagine she'll come to the drawing board with more than a few good ideas. And she plans to put all that knowledge to use by weighing in on all facets of her lifestyle brand from designs to fabrics and where it's manufactured.

While you'll have to wait to wear her clothes for a few more months, Fonda did share some sage advice with WWD you can start using now: "I have a life-long passion for fitness and health not just because I look better when I take care of myself, but because it makes me feel better and think better." Can't think of better fitspo than that.

Fonda is clearly familiar with how endorphins and exercise work. Are you? What about how core moves can help reduce stress. Seriously.

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