These Japanese Soufflé Pancakes Are As Healthy As They Are Jiggly

Photo: Skyler Bouchard
I've always thought of pancakes as fluffy and golden brown. But Japanese pancakes are more like a jiggly soufflé. It's like eating a cloud! The trendy breakfast treat has gained popularity in the U.S. recently, with hot spots like Taiyaki NYC drawing ridiculously long lines of people wanting to dig their forks into the airy breakfast food. But there's no need to wait around. You can make a healthier version right at home.

Skyler Bouchard, a Food Network host and the creator of the popular Instagram account @diningwithskyler, is known for creating lightened-up dishes of popular restaurant faves. In her most recent quest, she figured out how to make a batch of Japanese pancakes in only 10 minutes by using the microwave.

"I've seen these soufflé pancakes explode all over the Internet, and I realized the main component for that fluffiness is really the egg whites, which are good for you," Bouchard says. "I wanted to maintain that fluffiness while taking out the refined flour and sugar, which I swapped for oat flour (already a great breakfast food!) and coconut sugar. This recipe is basically just a fun way to get your oats, pancakes, and matcha in the morning."

In her Healthy Oat Flour Soufflé Pancakes recipe, Bouchard created her own oat flour by grinding up oats, ditched the egg yolks for egg whites, and used almond milk instead of dairy milk. For an antioxidant boost and a pretty green hue, she also added in some matcha powder. After combining the wet ingredients, folding in the dry, and adding in the whisked egg whites (for a vegan version, try using aquafaba, which creates a similar consistency), the batter goes into a mason jar. Pop the jar in the microwave for just 45 seconds and you'll have a whole new understanding of the word fluffy.

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