Take a Look Inside Abcv, Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s Super-Chic Veggie Haven

Wall Street types have their go-to steak houses, but for wellness-savvy New Yorkers, Jean-Georges Vongerichten's newest restaurant, is about to be the spot for early a.m. breakfast meetings and mid-afternoon power lunches.

After more than a three-year wait, abcV is finally open for business in the heart of fitness-minded Flatiron (near Bandier, Lululemon's NYC flagship, and more).

Vongerichten's newest restaurant is about to be the spot for early a.m. breakfast meetings and mid-afternoon power lunches.

The third restaurant in the ABC empire, and co-owned by ABC Carpet & Home CEO and creative director Paulette Cole, is now serving up breakfast and lunch as well as nourishing smoothies spiked with maca, cacao, and bee pollen—plus a special $48 beauty and wellness menu with dishes selected daily by the chef.

What else do they have cooking? Don't wait for a reservation—we're sharing a peek inside the place that's about to be packed with every wellness it-girl in town.

Keep reading for everything you need to know about abcV—and get a first look at the menu and the beautifully designed space.

abcV restaurant opening
Photo: Instagram/@abcvnyc

The vibe is your modern minimalist dreams come to life

Everything in the open airy space looks carefully curated—this is an ABC venture, after all. As every New Yorker knows, space is a commodity, and abcV has plenty of it. In lieu of busy patterned wallpaper and rugs, there are dramatic chandeliers and strategic pops of color (a brightly colored chair here, a tiny flower arrangement there—all on a clean white palette). If the idea was to inspire you to do some shopping next door after your meal, well, it works.

Photo: Instagram/@susansarandon

It's all about veggies, with a capital V

Continuing the trend of chefs prioritizing veggies, everything on the menu is either vegetarian or vegan. Even back in 2013, Vongerichten revealed he made a habit of going vegetarian once a week—not exactly what the French are known for. But the menu proves he has perfected plant-based dishes. A sampling from lunch (which ranges from $10 and $18): avocado lettuce cups with toasted cumin, serrano, lime, and pepitas; honeynut squash soup with apple; and fresh spinach spaghetti with broccoli, kale, and lemon. 

Photo: Instagram/@abcvnyc

This is what's in a $12 smoothie

Okay, so the smoothies on the menu aren't cheap, but they're packed with nutrients. Still tired from the night before? Go for the morning boost smoothie, made with cacao, maca, cinnamon, strawberries, and coconut. Fighting off a cold? The yogurt, berry, and bee pollen power trio is designed to give your immune system a boost. Or if you need some pre- or post-workout fuel, there's a smoothie formulated for that too, made with omega seed butter, raw almond milk, wild blueberries, hemp, chia, and dates. 

Photo: Instagram/@abcvnyc

For lunch, go with a group—the dishes are meant for sharing

For breakfast, your table will be best off ordering separately (it's pretty difficult to share a vanilla chia bowl or stack of gluten-free pancakes), but the lunch menu was made for tasting and trying in mind. Good thing, too: how else is a girl supposed to decide between the fried wild rice with winter veggies, fermented carrots, turmeric, and cilantro, or the wild mushroom burdock noodles with tempeh and pickles?

Photo: Instagram/@abcvnyc

Dinner is coming soon

If you can't sit and savor a meal in the restaurant, abcV also can prep everything to go—great intel if you want to sip on one of those smoothies at work. And more news: There will soon be a dinner menu and extended hours added. The nighttime offerings are still under wraps, but chances are it will be just as visionary—and that's visionary with a capital V.

abcV, 38 E. 19th St., New York, NY 10003, 212-475-5829, abchome.com/eat/abcv

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