Jennifer Lawrence Just Brought Back This Nostalgic Sandal Trend—And You Can Pull It Off, Too, for Just $24

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Admittedly, when I first think of jelly sandals, visions of my two-year-old niece toddling around in a princess dress dance through my head. TikTok styling inspo for the trend provoked the most delicate of eye rolls. But when InStyle spotted Jennifer Lawrence in a pair of jelly fisherman sandals paired with a sundress on the streets of New York, a polarizing look (only either love the jelly sandal or despise the jelly sandal—we're not gonna lie!) solidifying the rise of the '90s shoe, I realized the style looked appealing. Comfortable. Light. Everything I wanted from a summer with record-breaking heat waves. Maybe TikTok was right.

jelly sandal
Women's Jelly Sandals T-Strap Slingback Flats

Jelly fisherman sandals have a caged construction and rubberized material that’s ideal for staying active, or just living, in these scorching temps. This clear pair from Amazon is a perfect entry point for the trend—and is guaranteed to go with *everything*. The sole has enough support for walks and adventures, while the aesthetic adds a carefree vibe to any outfit. These also contain a hint of glitter, as they should.

Daisy Kelly, Associate Director of Social Strategy at MediaCom New York, explains the resurgence of the nostalgic trend. “After coming out of almost a decade of minimalism, COVID-19 thrust us back into the throes of maximalism,” she says. “Maximalism is a form of extreme self-expression, a return to finding your true self. When are we more our ‘true selves’ then as children?”

According to Kelly, Gen Z, the most socially active generation, “feels a kinship” with the trends they were around as kids in the late 90s and early 00s. The outfits? Low-rise jeans, micro-mini skirts and of course, the jelly sandal (which have actually been around since the '40s). “It’s only natural they spread the trend to other generations, regardless of taste,” she explains.

The Hunger Games star’s foray into the trend might also be due to her changed perspective as a new mom, embracing an evolved (or simply shifting) style. She’s no stranger to comfy shoes, having rocked pressure-minimizing slides during her recent pregnancy. Her version of “dressing up” (ours too) is a breezy nap dress with sneaks.

Or perhaps her choice was simply due to this summer’s record-setting heat—a water-resistant and effortless pick perfect for long, sweaty walks. They’re also lightweight, usually affordable (especially the pair we found on Amazon), comfortable (we wouldn't recommend wearing these for miles-long walks, but they'll do for casual strolls, brunch, and errands!), and *shockingly* versatile.

BRB, adding seven to my cart.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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