The Coffee-Boosted Smoothie That Gets Jesse Tyler Ferguson Going in the Morning

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Jesse Tyler Ferguson loves food. No, but really. Not only is the actor a restaurateur (he owns Terrine in Los Angeles) and a food blogger, but he also has a new show on Broadway all about the food industry.

In the comedic show, Fully CommittedFerguson plays a reservationist at a swanky, super high-end Manhattan restaurant who is manning the phones as 40 guests call, check in, or plead for reservations. Oh, and it's a one-man show—as in, Ferguson plays all 41 characters. From a certain A-list wellness guru’s control-freak assistant to a senior citizen named Judith Rush who fears the world is constantly cheating her of a better deal, he channels them all.

As he takes a break from his regular gig as Mitchell on Modern Family, Ferguson has moved to the East Coast and is exploring the vast and flavorful culinary jungle that is New York City. He's even partnered up with Pepcid to ensure he stays happy and heart-healthy as he eats his way through the city. Here, he shares his go-to coffee smoothie recipe, favorite restaurants for healthy eating (and otherwise), and more.

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Jesse Tyler Ferguson smoothie
Photo: Instagram/@jessetyler

His morning routine:

I don't get up as early [in NYC] as I do [in LA] for Modern Family—I get to sleep in a bit. I've been trying to go to the gym in the morning because if I don't, I won't make it at all. I'm really unmotivated, so I'll work with a trainer who tells me exactly what to do. Otherwise, I'll sit on the floor and scroll Instagram for hours.

After I work out, I'll either have a protein bar or an acai bowl and a lot of coffee. Or I'll make my Fully Committed smoothie: Six coffee ice cubes that I make the night before, 8 ounces of almond milk, 1 scoop of chocolate whey protein powder, and agave to taste. Just throw it all in the blender and it wakes you right up.

jesse tyler ferguson food
Photo: Instagram/@jessetyler

His food philosophy

I try to eat pretty healthy when I'm at home so that I can indulge and enjoy food when I'm out. I'm a big cookbook collector—I love Gwyneth Paltrow's book and Nom Nom Paleo—and make simple, but flavorful dishes like a Sriracha lime salmon and skirt steak over salad.

My favorite things to eat out are spicy foods, though. I will literally sweat through an entire meal rather than stopping, but my heartburn has gotten so intense as I've gotten older—hence the Pepcid!

jesse tyler ferguson
Photo: Instagram/@jessetyler

Where he eats out

I love exploring new Indian and Thai restaurants— there are so, so many in the city. But in terms of my tried and true: I [head to] Javelina for Mexican, Juice Generation for quick and healthy breakfasts and snacks, and Cafe Gitane for lighter fare.

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