This Is the Protein-Packed Smoothie Jessica Alba—and Her Daughters—Drink in the Morning

Photo: Instagram/@jessicaalba
Like your first supercharged cup of coffee, it can be easy (and satisfying) to DIY your own breakfast smoothie for an early a.m. energy boost. Just ask Jessica Alba. Part of the celeb's morning routine is blending breakfast drinks for herself and her girls, Honor, 9, and Haven, 6. (It was Alba's nutritionist and good friend Kelly LeVeque who initially got her hooked on making them to keep her blood sugar balanced.) Right now, the mother-daughter trio is loving a particular recipe that's packed with protein and superfoods.

"The protein powder keeps me full for the first few hours of my day."

Alba’s current favorite recipe combines green tea matcha, raw organic protein powder, half a Zico coconut water, one banana, a Tbsp of coconut oil and ice. “The coconut oil and matcha give me a much-needed energy boost, the potassium from the bananas and coconut water provide electrolytes, and the protein powder keeps me full for the first few hours of my day,” explains Alba. It requires one small edit, however, to become kid-friendly and child-approved: “I swap the green tea matcha for hazelnut butter,” she says. (Yum!)

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